In response to the absurd notion that there is “no such thing as political Islam”

In reply to a certain article that appeared in my news feed claiming the “there is no such thing as political Islam.” :
If there is no such thing as political Islam then all Muslims should join with me in calling for an end to all theocracy, state religion, hereditary religion, and laws based on religion and instead support secular law and government. But we all know, that while there are many Muslims who do support secular, liberal, pluralist politics, there are far more who support Islamic politics, Islamic government, and Islamic law. It is simply a lie to say that there is no such thing as political Islam. I wish that it were true. No law should ever be based on sharia or any other religious doctrine.

The Koran, like the Bible and Torah upon which it is based, is full of contradictions. A friend of mine, an ex-Muslim originally from Afghanistan, recently wrote an essay on the difference between Muslims that choose to emphasize Mohammed’s words during his time in Mecca versus Muslims who choose to follow his often contradictory words written while in Medina.

Meccan or Medinan? Guest Post by Yama Rasaw

Sharia is a form of theocratic witch hunting wrapped in color of law. A Caliphate is an empire driven by religious political imperialism. Islam, like Christianity in the recent past, has spent much of its millennium and a half of existence as a political and military imperialist force for imposition of theocracy as it’s followers and leaders subjugated, massacred, and enslaved countless indigenous people for the crime of being “pagan”. It is long past time to realize that religion is something taken on “faith” because religions (and “spirituality”) are built on imagination.

Having an imagination is fine but politics, law, government, human rights, education, science, and medicine should not be based on the wild imaginations of “prophets” and fortune tellers and illusionists. One of the greatest crimes and human rights abuses on Earth is the imposition of a particular religious identity upon a baby from birth and following that the threat of legal repercussions up to and including death if this child grows up to think differently and renounce the “faith” he or she never chose to believe in the first place.

A defensive Muslim commented that real sharia law does not exist anywhere on Earth, as though that opinion makes a make a single bit of difference to the lives of people who are oppressed by legal and political systems infested and contaminated by theocratic tyranny. Regardless of whether full, complete, proper, accurate, and total sharia is enforced anywhere on Earth, you know as well as I do that there are laws in many countries derived from religion, mostly Islamic and Christian, but some Jewish, Hindu, Druze, Buddhist, and even Juche if we may consider that to be a religion.

There are laws to punish people for changing their religion or for criticizing their own religion, in some cases even the death penalty is applied (9 countries at last count). Even here in the supposedly “secular” USA there are laws in several states that disqualify atheists from running for state and local offices. Even in more liberal “Muslim countries” like Tunisia and more pluralist countries like Lebanon there are religious restrictions on who one can marry especially if one is a woman. There is no secular family law in most countries of the Middle East including Israel which instead has Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Druze, and Baha’I family courts. Apostasy is a crime punishable by death in several nations and imprisonment in several others. “Blasphemy” can get you fined, jailed, flogged, or even executed. There should be no religious laws anywhere on Earth.

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