Defining “Terrorism”: Media critics still refuse to read the goddamn dictionary

Well here is a stupid article:

..and a stupid comment inspired by said stupid article: “White people can’t be terrorists.

We’ve been told this for years. Not directly, perhaps, but when a white person bombs a church or massacres a school or flies a plane carrying 150 people into a mountainside, killing everyone on board, it’s hard to draw any other conclusion.”

…and another stupid article:

...and another stupid comment: “It’s simple. Because he was not a Muslim. No rocket science in it!!”

So let the debunking commence:

There is no “refusal” to call Andreas Lubitz a “terrorist”. He is not being called a “terrorist” because he was not a “terrorist”. He did not do what he did for political or religious reasons. he did not crash that plane to try to force any political agenda. He had no agenda. He did what he did for personal reasons thus it was not terrorism. He was a mass murderer but not a terrorist. Terrorism is by definition a politically motivated action.

This is absolute anti-intellectual bullshit. Has the idiotic author of this article ever read the definition of the word “terrorism”? “Terrorism” is a word applied to violent actions committed for a political reason. Andreas Lubitz apparently did not do what he did for any political or religious reason. He did it for pathetic personal reasons. He is a mass murderer but not a terrorist. But don’t worry yourself, there are plenty of far-right anti-Islam people trying desperately to spread rumors that he was a Muslim convert who did this for ISIS which appears to also be bullshit. …and this just in: there are thousands of white people, both Muslim and non-Muslim, both religious and secular, who have been labeled as “terrorists” and continue to be labeled as “terrorists” by news media, governments, and law enforcement. Many of the organizations officially designated as “terrrorist” by the US government and other governments around the world are not Islamic (white supremacists, Christian militants, Maoists, ethnic separatists) and many of the individuals labeled as being “Islamic terrorists” are “white”.

Here is an incorrect definition of “terrorism” I encountered posted by a Muslim online: “Terrorism means any incident of terrorizing people. Religious or political purpose is not necessary. This german guy could’ve taken his own life only but NO. He killed 150 people with him. What else will you call it if not terrorism? Just because his terrorist attack was different as those of adopted by Talibans?”

By this incorrect definition of “terrorism” all acts of violence are “terrorism” including, one must presume domestic abuse, schoolyard bullying, beating a child, et cetera. However, your definition is absolutely incorrect. Try reading the definition of the word “terrorism” in a dictionary or two. You seem to be quite ignorant on the subject of terrorism and even on the subjects of Islam and racism. There are many examples of non-Islamic terrorist groups and individuals: The Ku Klux Klan, The Irish Republican Army, Tamil Tigers, Lord’s Resistance Army, et cetera. There are many examples of “white lone wolves” and many of them were Muslims and many of them were not. Islam is a religion with adherents of all racial “colors” including “white”. There have been countless white jihadists who have fought and killed and died for Islam and who have committed acts of terrorism for Islam. There have also been countless white non-Muslim terrorists who have been called “terrorists” and whose actions have been called “terrorism” by news media, governments, and historians alike. Terrorism is wrong. Terrorism is when political or religious extremists kill innocent people in order to further a political agenda. Quit playing semantic games and twisting language into pretzels in order to excuse terrorism.

Here is an actual dictionary definition of “terrorism”:


the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

I think if you look at lists of organization designated as being “terrorist organizations” you will find plenty of non-Muslim groups among all of the many Muslims groups. The fact that so many of them are Islamic is not the fault of non-Muslims or “the Western media”. These groups are comprised of Islamic extremists. If you don’t like that fact that so many designated terrorist groups are Islamic in origin blame the Islamic fanatics that lead those groups. Don’t blame journalists and political leaders for doing their job and telling the truth and attempting to protect the public from such dangerous fanatics. There are currently many organizations listed as “terrorist” by the US government and other governments that are Muslim, non-Muslim, religious, secular, right wing (all Islamists are right wing on social issues), left wing, multi-ethnic, racist, et cetera. Also many non-white terrorist groups (Communists, Christians, far right militias) are also non-Muslim and many of the major Islamist terror groups have plenty of white members.

White, American expat, ex-Christian, Islamic terrorist of Jewish:

White “lone wolf” Christian terrorist:

White supremacist alleged “lone wolf” (there were others involved) ex-Catholic agnostic terrorist:

White female Muslim terrorist:

Jewish (ethnically and religiously which means he had Middle Eastern ancestry) Zionist terrorist:

Christian Arab Palestinian anti-Zionist terrorist:

Brown” (Non-white) Latino Communist atheist terrorists:

Non-white Tamil terrorists, mostly Hindu, but more motivated by ethnic repression than religion….the Tamil Tigers committed more suicide bombings than any other group in the world until Zarqawi went from a Jordanian prison cell to founding “al Qaeda in Iraq” (which has since morphed into “The Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL/Daech”) and beat the Tamil Tigers record with non-stop suicide bombings targeting the Iraqi government, US and coalition forces, and especially Iraqi Shia. Yes, until Al Qaeda in Iraq was formed by a ruthless Shia hating Sunni jihadist, the majority of terrorist suicide bombings were carried out by mostly teenage Hindu girls in Sri Lanka:

From white supremacist to Muslim jihadist

The prosecution of Joseph Jefferey Brice highlights the anti-government, anti-Semitic links between the two groups:

Spot The Terrorist: Many Jihadists In America Are White, Born In The U.S.:

White Muslim one of six arrested over ‘terror plot’

White Muslim convert Richard Dart and a former police community support officer were among six people arrested for allegedly plotting a terror attack in Britain.

Side notes: 

To the Islam defenders and apologists who think arguing that every act of violence should be labeled as “terrorism” even if it is not political and especially if they think the perpetrator to be non-Muslim, I say: Also, be careful what you wish for, as that certain predominately white, mostly fundamentalist Christian right wing segment of “Western” anti-Islamist political activism is working overtime to find any shred of evidence that Andreas Lubitz was a Muslim terrorist even though it seems he was not.

To those who claim that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with “true Islam” and to those who claim that all Muslims support terrorism, I suggest reading the following essay by Afghan American ex-Muslim atheist Yama Rasaw:

Meccan or Medinan?

So to review: Terrorism is political violence committed by non-state actors against civilians to achieve a political goal. Groups and individuals who are and who have been labeled as being terrorists and engaged in the act of terrorism have been and continue to be religious and non-religious, Muslim and non-Muslim, white and non-white and mixed race, racist and non-racist, right wing (such as Islamists) and left wing (such as Maoists).

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