20 facts to consider about the Israel/Palestine conflict

Some facts to consider about the Israel/Palestine issue: 1. The fighting between Jews and Arabs began long before the creation of the modern state of Israel and there were culprits on both sides; Lehi/Stern Gang (Jewish Palestinian Zionist terrorists) and Black Hand (Arab Muslim Jihadist anti-Zionist terrorists)…”both sides” of that pre-Israel conflict in British Mandatory … Continue reading


Nuclear Weapons, the Responsibility to Protect, and the Trump’s creepy “America First” ideology

Nuclear weapons did help save Americans/NATO and the Soviets/Chinese from killing each other in a “hot war” after World War Two was over. They didn’t end the war. Japan was already preparing to surrender to the Russians and this was known to the USA. What the bomb did is cause them to surrender to the … Continue reading


Afghan activist Nemat Sadat tells his “coming out as gay story” on MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and Channel 5 United Kingdom in June during Pride Month

By the way, my gay atheist Afghan friend Nemat Sadat has just announced that he… “Wrapped up taping for MTV International about my coming out gay in the Afghan community and globally. The segment will air on MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and Channel 5 United Kingdom in June during Pride Month.” …should be great…hope I can … Continue reading

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Why “Christianity, capitalism, and democracy” cannot save us from Islamic extremist terrorism

Today I responded to the following comment regarding the recent murder of two men who were defending two young women from anti-Muslim hate speech on a train in Portland, Oregon: “If Islamic folks didn’t exist we wouldn’t have a problem at all in this world of ours. Christianity, capitalism and democracy rule….over and out.” My … Continue reading