What people are saying about my new music

“live from Tunisia a true rebel” – Stevie Harris (conglomerate, Stevie and the Hi-Stax, Styletones)

“Between the Droughts and the Floods is an honest documentation of the destruction wrought by the demons released on the world by those among us who are control-obsessed. Thanks for your song R2P (Human Refugees). Your huge heart comes though big time. I am happy for your loved ones to have you at their side to help.” – Randy Chiurazzi of Social Orphans

“The lyrics of your song Atheists in Mecca touch me, because I have friend that is like a brother in Mosul and he is an atheist”. – Adi Zohar Fedorowsky

“It brought back memories of the Wikiup” – Michael Turner on the instrumental title song The Future’s as Bright as a Dying Star

“Tour de Force! Up with up / down with down.” – Meyer Hirsch on The Future’s as Bright as a Dying Star.

“Some great stuff here, especially considering the conditions you had to record it under. Very clever lyrics.  Too bad Mike Gravel dropped out – his campaign would probably have wanted to use By the Smartphone Light.” – Larry Benjamin on the album Between the Droughts and the Floods

“I like how it shifts. String scraping is so dynamic because the overtones shift and slide around the surface tones. This one has a very beautiful tonal film swirling around the central picked tones. Thanks for hatching this one out of your lab! Looking forward to seeing you again and hearing you live.” – Randy Chiurazzi on Ballad of a Five Inch Slump


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