Submission to The Needle Drop: Abel Ashes – Between the Droughts and the Floods

Hi Anthony,

I’m writing to you from Tunis where I recently finished recording my new album which is an Alan Lomax by way of Audacity type thing with plenty of angry lyrics about climate change, atheists persecuted in Muslim countries, immigrants persecuted in Trump country, my own personal family tragedies and a bunch of other depressing shit.

I thought you find it interesting if not enjoyable or at the very least worthy of a curious glance.

You can listen to the whole album on Bandcamp or Soundcloud and the lyrics are on Bandcamp and my WordPress site, along with some other articles about the new album and my old releases which were a whole other bag of shit.

Have a great day and thanks for turning me on to Tropical Fuck Storm and IDLES last year. Both groups made music that helped me through what was maybe the worst year of my already shitty life. Speaking of 2018, I’m still waiting for your take on Fantastic Negrito’s Please Don’t Be Dead, Marc Ribot’s Songs of Resistance, Ceramic Dog’s YRU Still Here? and Delgres’s Mo Jodi.

Merci aychek.

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