The media reports, you fail to read about it, you want an excuse not care about Paris, ISIS laughs at you

So it seems there is a stupid trend going on on social media since the attacks in Paris on Friday. Articles about previous terrorist attacks in other countries are being publicized as if they occurred concurrently, and quite dishonestly, as if they were not reported on or deeply mourned and condemned.

Specifically I refer to the attack on Garissa University in Kenya in April and the massacre of 2,000 people in Nigeria by Boko Haram in January, both of which were major media stories.

People are even posting these major media articles while making the claim that the major media “isn’t talking about this.” Many of these people don’t even bother to read the articles to understand that these things happened months ago and were reported hundreds of times by major news media worldwide.

Meanwhile other attacks which did occur in the same relative time-frame as those in Paris and were likewise, major media news stories, are not emphasized in these bizarre and delusional social media frenzies. I am referring to the twin attacks in Lebanon, but also to the beheading of 7 Hazara Afghans by the Taliban, the ISIS bombing of the Jordanian military facility where US troops train Palestinian police, the stoning to death of a couple in Afghanistan by the Taliban, et cetera.

Radical Islamism generally and Islamic State specifically, have a goal to disrupt all resistance to their theocratic tyrannical agenda. Whether the jihadists attack attack Paris or Kabul, Washington DC or Baghdad, London or a remote village in Nigeria, the goal is always the same, to divide those people against each other rather than unite them against the jihadists.

To all of the so-called liberals and Leftists and libertarians and supposedly liberal and moderate Muslims who are promoting this nonsense of trying to distract from the very serious issue of Islamic State adopting the disciplined long-term terror attack planning abilities of al Qaeda to get away with major coordinated attacks under the radar of sophisticated Western law enforcement, I say the following: Does it feel good to be a puppet of the social media meme manipulators of the Islamic State?

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