There are many kinds of Muslims because Islam is a big mess of contradictions

The mistake that Muslims and non-Muslims, “Islamophobes” and “Islamists” make is in not recognizing that there are many sects and interpretations of Islam…just like there are many sects and interpretations of Christianity. Irshad Manji, who is a liberal secular government supporting lesbian is a real Muslim. The Mullahs of the Islamic Republic of Iran who execute homosexuals are real Muslims. Maajid Nawaz of the Quilliam Foundation, who is liberal Muslim activist against sharia law, theocracy, Islamism, jihadism, and terrorism, is a real Muslim. Islamic State who murder, enslave, and rape Yazidi “infidels” and are fighting to fulfill end times prophecies about a theocratic Salafist Caliphate takeover of Dabiq and “Constantinople” (Instanbul) bringing on the Mahdi and the return of Isha (Jesus) are real Muslims. Islam is the second most practiced religion on Earth. It has existed for almost a millennium and a half and has absorbed influences from many cultures along the way and via the methods of Ijtihad and Takfirism. Add to that the contradictions in the Koran, Meccan versus Medinan scripture, and controversies about the validity of the Hadith, the fact that most Muslims are not Arab and can’t read Arabic and rely on preachers to explain it to them as they are taught (erroneously) that translations are not sufficient and of course when a religion is forced on billions from birth many will adapt it to fit their circumstances.

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