Why doesn’t “the Mainstream Media” ever talk about____? They did and that’s how you know about it.

Well Facebook is funny…one moment it restores my faith in humanity and the next….hhhh so a “friend” of mine posted something to the effect that “the press didn’t cover The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” issue and I commented that both “mainstream” and “alternative” press have been covering it for more than a decade. He said he Googled it and found nothing but blogs and alternative media and some scientific and official studies. So I posted articles on the thread as old as 2002 and as new as a week ago from sources such as: CNN, NBC, Discover, OC Register, LA Times, New York Times, Daily Mail, National Geographic, Christian Science Monitor, et ctera…he got angry, asked me to stop “spamming” his profile, deleted me from his “friends” list, and erased my comments. I rest my case: “the press” are not the problem. They report the facts. The problem is the infantile population who don’t read newspapers, disrespect journalism, disrespect science, disrespect all forms of expertise and education and authority, and cling to myths and dogma.

…Newsweek, The Telegraph, NPR, PBS, US News & World Report, San Jose Mercury News, The Guardian, The Independent, CBC, International Business Times, The Washington Post, Forbes, Scientific American, Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Smithsonian, CBS News, BBC News……

Part of the problem when “Googling” news is that you have to use various search terms. In this case “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” is just one of the terms for this issue and is by no means an official term. The other thing to remember is that search engines like Google give you the results ranked by popularity not by quality, or date of publication, or anything else. When most people click on blogs and alternative media the mainstream reports can be pushed toward the second or third page of search results even if they were front page news. Many journalists do their job very well and report the news. I wish more of the public did their part and read the news.

Also, nine times out of ten when the “alternative press” (right-wing or leftwing) is reporting on something, they are commenting on an issue that has already been reported on in the so-called “mainstream press”. The so-called “alternative media” is useful for giving us alternate perspectives and for that 1% or so of issues that they do uncover, but the fact remains that most of the “alternative press'” information comes via the supposedly “mainstream” press. Journalism is a very expensive venture and often very dangerous as well, which is why it is important to have professional journalistic institutions AND to make sure that they do their job with honesty and integrity. It is a shame that opinion columnists get all of the credit while reporters do all of the work.

One thought on “Why doesn’t “the Mainstream Media” ever talk about____? They did and that’s how you know about it.

  1. Quite often, the question people really want to ask is not why the media is not covering a certain issue, but why people in a position of power are allowing something negative to continue happening. It’s all part of the “Doooo something” culture that has been around since the Roman Empire. Quite frequently, people see something on TV or the Internet and get a knee-jerk reaction instead of realizing what all needs to take place in order for things to change.

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