Jews and Christians and Zoroastrians were worshiping an evil monotheistic god long before Mohammed invented Islam (How did you think he came up with the idea?)

I like to remind Mormons, Muslims, and Christians that they basically copied their religions from the Jews and Zoroastrians who copied a lot from the Hindus. Jews were worshipping an evil god long before Mohammed invented Islam.

Zoroastrianism invented the concept of a universe ruled by one “good” god (monotheism) and one “evil” devil (dualism). This was incorporated into Judaism and thus into Christianity which is a rebellious offshoot of Judaism and therefore of Zoroastrianism as well. Later these concepts were incorporated into Islam which is based on Judaism and Christianity (and Zoroastrianism) mixed with Arabic customs and culture. Still later Mormonism copied Islam and Christianity and mixed it in with some straight up snakeoil salesman sleaze.

I grew up in Christianity and it was always interesting to see how most Christians treat The Old Testament. If they agree with the passage then the whole Bible is “the unalterable word of God”, but if they disagree with the passage then Jesus came to free us from the Old Testament and bring the New Testament.

The Old Testament is a horrible moral example…genocide, rape, infanticide, murder, imperialism, stoning people to death….

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