The US should have “imposed” a secular constitution on Iraq (and Afghanistan too)

The USA did the right thing by removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq, but we did the wrong thing when we helped create the new constitution and new government and we didn’t even try to “impose” human rights or women’s equality or child protection or LGBT rights or environmental protections or labor laws or secular government on Iraq but we did impose democracy and capitalism. The USA helped draft the new constitution for Iraq (and snuck in a few provisions beneficial to US corporations). It is IMPOSSIBLE to have individual human rights be respected and protected without separation of religion and state, but we cannot impose that because politicians and military leaders are afraid of the religious right and the postmodernist left. Rest assured there are plenty of people in every deeply religious country on Earth who are ready to take the reigns of power when nonreligious people are finally allowed to participate in government in their societies.

Another result of our concern with “stability” rather than “human rights”. Our foreign policy should be about human rights first and all other considerations second. Removing Saddam Hussein from power was the right thing to do for Iraq (whether it was in the USA’s interest is another matter). The problem is that we think human rights and civil rights and freedom of speech and freedom of religion and secular government and women’s equality and such are choices while democracy and capitalism are not. Democratic theocracy is often just as oppressive as any dictatorship. We “imposed” democracy on Iraq. We should have also “imposed” secularism

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