There are layers upon layers of stupidity in the unfolding story of the murders of U.S. Embassy officials over a film they had nothing to do with

There are layers upon layers of stupidity in the unfolding story of the murders of a U.S. Embassy officials over a film they had nothing to do with

Mike Barnicle Suggests Prosecuting Pastor Terry Jones In American Ambassador’s Death |

Here we have a right-wing blogger complaining about two liberal MSNBC commentators who suggested that the right-wing extremist Florida Pastor Terry Jones should be prosecuted by the US Justice Department for exercising his right to free speech in promoting a comedy” film entitled “Innocence of Muslims” which almost no one has seen in its entirety and which so enraged Islamists in Libya that they murdered the U.S. Ambassador and other U.S. Embassy officials, all of whom had nothing whatsoever to do with the film. The film was made by an Israeli living in the U.S.and from trailers does not look very good at all (Trailer Number 1 & Trailer Number 2), but a bad movie is no excuse for murder.

From these trailers one could deduce that “Innocence of Muslims” is typical Jewish funded hate filled anti-Muslim propaganda quite similar to the typical Muslim funded anti-Jewish propaganda of groups such as Hamas. Does “Innocence of Muslims” look like a bad movie with a bad script? Absolutely. Is “Innocence of Muslims” hate propaganda? Perhaps, but both the Koran and the Torah are also filled with passages much worse than bad jokes and insults. Instead these “holy books” offer incitements to murder in the name of “god”. To make matter even more ridiculous U.S. President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton, while condemning the attacks on the Egyptian and Libyan U.S. Embassies, supposedly apologized for the movie, which they also had nothing to do with, to people who murdered other people who also had nothing to do with the film, which in any case is an exercise of freedom of speech, which is a universal human right. But it turns out that they did no such thing. Instead Fox News and other American right-wing extremists seized upon an apology made by the U.S. Embassy in Cairo which was not authorized by the Obama Administration to demonize the President whose Administration did in fact oversee the assassination of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

Fox Politicizes Violence In Egypt And Libya To Revive False Obama Apology Narrative

Meanwhile the BBC broadcast of an interesting and controversial documentary on some of the unanswered questions regarding the early history of Islam, entitled “Islam: The Untold Story” has been cancelled due to threats from Islamists. Adding to the layers upon layers of stupidity, this right-wing website which is quite correctly criticizing the ridiculous suggestion that Terry Jones be prosecuted for “his role” in the murder of the U.S. Ambassador, when he indeed had no role in the murder, is itself a promoter of Christian theocracy. When will the world wake up and realize that theocracy is the problem and freedom of speech is the answer? Terry Jones is an extremist idiot, but he should not be prosecuted for exercising freedom of speech. That would set a horrible precedent that would push both America and the so-called “Islamic world” further into the hands of theocratic extremists.

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