Short bio

I was born into the Children of God cult in El Paso, raised in poverty and fundamentalist Christianity downwind from the world’s first atomic bomb test site in rural New Mexico.

After spending the early 1990s honing my self-taught outsider musical craft as one of the most unique and unusual solo performers at San Diego area open-mic nights, I went on to lead the playfully avant-garde jazz-punk-free-funk band Abel Ashes & The Runs, released a couple of albums and then disappeared into the world of political activism and the grind of low wage blue collar work, long-haul trucking, and the concrete business.

Now living in the small North African country of Tunisia, the home of the Arab Spring, where I am by my wife’s side as she and her sister recover from a crippling automobile accident that nearly took their lives.

In 2019 I came back to the world of music with two new albums that reflect my two primary musical interests: angry insightful political protest songs (Between the Droughts and the Floods) and innovative and adventurous instrumental music (The Future’s as Bright as a Dying Star).