Amtrak Out Of Orange County

Lyrics by Abel Ashes (All rights reserved)

Amtrak Out of Orange County appears on the Abel Ashes and The Runs album Eat Plastic

Bicycle trails on broccoli puree shrubbery
Giant metal cockroaches speed by
Little plastic cylindrical Playskool people inside on cell phones
The choo-choo shoots under a bridge and through the desert to somebody’s house who is not grandma
Steel monster hula dances on the tracks
Swishing, bouncing, and wobbling on it’s rivets past the foaming white sea and a genuine Orange County Lumber Truck.

The cotton-candied clouds observe as we wobble some more.
This time it feels dangerous. Shoots of broccoli streak green into my eyes
I’ve never seen broccoli move so fast.
Metal boxes housing wooden boxes, stucco boxes housing people
Marines speed by on Kawasakis, racing towards decapitation,
Their heads shaved for a better bounce.
White blocks of paint mask desperate graffiti on cinder block ugly buildings and the train’s whistle blows like a pterodactyl’s fart.


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