The All-American Petroleum Man

By Abel Ashes (All rights reserved)

Its one small step for stupidity, one giant leap for greed as the hydrocarbon age approaches sundown and the energy elite scramble for the dwindling oil supply.
A plethora of all-American multimedia Pravdas vex and hypnotize a sleepwalking public into somnambulating into bottomless pits of denial by sarcastically shitting on objective reasoning and scientific method in idiotic op-ed pages and hot-air filled electronic entertainment media.
Economists try to reconcile reality with bogus economic theories while the middle class dies due to their addiction to the over consumptive suburban lifestyle and their unique ability to believe that Wall Street douche bags have their best interest at heart.
The all-American petroleum man climbs into his SUV with its powerfully wasteful internal combustion engine and begins his daily long distance commute to his high finance job bullshitting bullshitters all the damn day long.
It’s all see-through like cellophane over a kerosene flame, but he’s not looking at the picture he’s just focused on the frame.
Economists and bankers are navigating melting icebergs in rusted oil tankers and still the all-American petroleum man is so stubborn that his gears just will not shift.
Apparently the sports pages have dropkicked his feeble brain, so don’t give him facts and figures; just give him a bumper sticker.
His microscopic brain is likely to explode like violent nuclear fission, because his mind is unevolved as if his brain were made of jism.
He wants to be important like Nancy Reagan’s psychic, because life is not a sitcom and after death there is no spin-off.
He doesn’t prostitute himself for nothing so he doesn’t give a fuck, while he’s busy French kissing assholes under all-seeing-eyes and brown-nosing the brown eyes of Brown Shirts for a bigger piece of pie.
Bogus economics, bulls, bears; bubbles pop and fizz while his leaders’ rubber spines are blowing in the wind like a roadside piss.
Ignorance is a preciosity that he cannot afford and the all-American petroleum man is headed for a fork in the road whether he likes it or not.

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