Symphonic Infestation

By Abel Ashes (All rights reserved)

Light pierces branches blown by wind above an anthill of shadows, scurrying in all directions on asphalt that’s marbled like oatmeal.
The crickets drone an aleatory composition of organic pseudo-techno minimalism as sun bakes the rusted rafters and sweat drenches undershirts in the oppressive heat.
The cars and trucks are louder than the insects, but are more common, so the insects become more noticeable to the casual listener.
The sudden rustling of leaves sounds like secretaries rifling through paperwork.
A woman is fishing at the end of the pier as she erupts into a volcanic sneeze.
Her thunderous force of breath is no match for the well-tuned precision of the orchestra of crickets who have now ceased their droning and are showing off their technique in a dazzling display of ecstatic polyrhythmic maximalism.
Change is the only constant in this kaleidoscopic multiplicitous omniverse.
Snapshots of your life flash in cerebral optics like a neurological PowerPoint presentation.
Memories are awakened by aluminum hands slowly ticking across the black dash marks on the face of a clock.
Each dash mark is representative of a numeral.
Each numeral is representative of an event.
There are memories of earning wages and paying bills; memories of consuming the flesh of flora and fauna.
There are memories of over-sleeping your weekend parole away and memories of trying to survive social insanity with personal sanity intact
There are memories of turning the wheels of the machine which pumps the powdered welfare milk from the industrial utter of this fat ugly cow that passes for a democratic republic and memories of the isolation that is thrust upon those in this societal prison whose awareness transcends the denial of the everyday evil of those occupying the upper floors in the pyramidal power structure.
All that is important is frequently forgotten and sometimes when the worst moments of life jar us from the delusions thrust upon us by our corporate masters, we are reminded to live outside of the mental storage units so diligently prepared for us by our feudal lords.

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