H-Bomb Metronome

By Abel Ashes (All rights reserved)

Vibrating paper funnels project past molecular spasms into the stagnant air as one thousand decibel imperial gongs announce each second like an h-bomb metronome in retarded lament.

Hideous pink blotches mar pasty Caucasoid epidermis sacks clothing inbred mutant snowmen sucking liquid ego from brown glass vessels in sickening sameness.

Heat treated mammalian corpse fragments are neurologically pleasant in the oral consumption cavity and internal digestive sac.

Fat black lunged ditto head disease bags relax in a haze of toxic smoke.
Shifty eyed slogan quoting paranoiacs, ugly and boring, mimic talk show blowhards full of beef and bullshit.

Pissing in an American Standard, the water turns from crystal into gold.
Ashes float like fallen leaves and a cigarette butt boogies in the bowl.

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