Everything’s Electric

By Abel Ashes (All rights reserved)

In an a-ha eureka moment, like discovering penicillin, like harnessing electricity
Like Thomas Edison in Louisville, falling asleep at the telegraph office waiting for his time to come.
Like Nikola Tesla building his Tesla Coil resonant transformer, so that he could know electricity more intimately.
Like a primitive Neanderthal, wanting to be cautious and remain grounded in the familiar, cowering in his cave in awe and terror of thunder and lightning, but an enlightened voice refuses to remain silent!
This voice shouts loudly, “Let the critics keep their cynicism!”
When nations and tribes and religions and ideological boxes no longer define us humanity will form a powerful grid.
Alternating currents will flow between us.
Together we will generate the power to bring light to some of the darker corners of this world.
We’ll make the consonances and dissonances of life come together to form beautiful tone colors that will tap dance on xylophonic neurons, revealing melodic and harmonic wonders unsurpassed as cupid pounds electric rhythms on our eardrums!
Yes voltage can be dangerous and caution is required
But I want to flow with this current!
I want to embrace this electricity!
This electric orchestra charges up and tunes up and waits down in the pit for its conductors.


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