An Army of Rhinos

By Abel Ashes (All rights reserved)

If I saw the Earth rise over the solar horizon

Its green curves bathed in atomic light

Its atmosphere drawing me every near

If I saw the oceans flood over the cities

and swallow them into their salty depths

Sea creatures never imagined could raise their mutant heads

If a bolt of lightning struck me dead and made my eyes bug out

If a silver pillow of cloud rose beneath my feet

And all the nasty things became delicious treats

If minerals walked and talked while mankind froze like stone

If the Earth turned inside out and we were trapped inside a dome

If a toddler led an empire that rivaled ancient Rome

If I walked through frozen tundra even though I had no shoes

If I fought an army of rhinos that had escaped the zoo

If I sold everything I owned and took out a really bad loan.

If I swam around the world just to make your heart my home

If the sun became a red giant and swallowed up the Earth

If a 90-year-old got pregnant and gave to a Sasquatch birth

If war ceased to exist because someone said it should

If trees were made of Gouda cheese and milk turned into wood

If the ocean evaporated and fish commenced to fry

I’d still just be another overworked, pissed off blue-collar guy.

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