Lemming Sunset

Lyrics by Abel Ashes (All rights reserved)

Lemming Sunset appears on the Abel Ashes and The Runs album Eat Plastic

In this opaque myopic nebula plebeians work for drops of trickle down from the opulent cornucopia of the aristocracy, as the glutinous monsters beseech their cyber-serfs and corporate vassals to plunder the “Garden of Eden” in feudal homage, extending their purchase power to hypothetical infinity.

Oblivious to the flame that’s burning the fuse, kinetic, perambulating, gregarious, odoriferous, copulating gimcracks inebriated by alcohol, narcotics and religion purchase trendy, faulty, useless and shoddy gimcrackery to fill their sport utility vehicles to the hilt before their zigzag kamikaze suicide race back home to their TV viewing boxes.

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