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Why “Christianity, capitalism, and democracy” cannot save us from Islamic extremist terrorism

Today I responded to the following comment regarding the recent murder of two men who were defending two young women from anti-Muslim hate speech on a train in Portland, Oregon: “If Islamic folks didn’t exist we wouldn’t have a problem at all in this world of ours. Christianity, capitalism and democracy rule….over and out.” My … Continue reading

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Why ISIS attacks Turkey without claiming responsibility

Turkey is full of ISIS cells whose primary functions are smuggling ISIS recruits across the border into Syria and smuggling commodities such as oil and antiquities and weapons that ISIS needs to sell and/or buy in order for the economy of Islamic State to function. It is no coincidence that ISIS began to attack Turkey … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the anti-gay jihadist attack against Pulse nightclub in Orlando

The mentality of Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen is a stark reminder of how religion often perverts sexual morality. Mateen apparently believed that homosexuality between consenting adults is morally wrong and that taking thousands of women as sex slaves as ISIS does is not morally wrong. He had it exactly backwards. Homosexuality is not morally … Continue reading

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The adolescence and intellectual and moral cowardice of James B Russel, David Gerard, and Olivia Guest of the “RationalWiki” Facebook page…pseudo-“rationalist”, artificial “feminist”, and fake “liberal” apologists for oppression of the so-called “Muslim world” under Islam.

I innocently wandered over to the Rational Wiki FB page thinking I would find like-minded people and if there were disagreements it would result in rational debate. Olivia Guest had posted an article by Mona Eltahaway in which she argues that Islam is not the source of misogyny in the Arab world. I made a … Continue reading

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Your God Did Not Invent Morality

The Code of Hammurabi is but one of many examples of secular law predating religion and is older than Islam and older than Christianity and most likely older than Judaism and Zoroastrianism as well. The religious show themselves to be either ignoramuses or liars when they exhume the archaic untruth that the divine is the source of human law and order.
One can even see in the behavior of non-human animals that outrage at injustice or unfairness and even disgust at things perceived to be unclean is inherited from our evolutionary ancestors and animal cousins rather than passed down from on high. Continue reading