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Why ISIS attacks Turkey without claiming responsibility

Turkey is full of ISIS cells whose primary functions are smuggling ISIS recruits across the border into Syria and smuggling commodities such as oil and antiquities and weapons that ISIS needs to sell and/or buy in order for the economy of Islamic State to function. It is no coincidence that ISIS began to attack Turkey … Continue reading


Towards a Peaceful, Stable, Democratic Post-Assad Syria: Is the Syrian National Coalition’s proposed transitional government the way forward?

These questions have no easy answer, but a cursory look at the individuals that make up the Syrian opposition coalition, formally known as the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces and informally as the Syrian National Coalition, gives some reasons to hope, as well as some cause for concern. Founded in Doha, Qatar in November of 2012, the Syrian National Coalition was the brainchild of longtime Syrian dissident Riad Seif, who was elected co-vice president along with Suheir Atassi, a secular feminist. Former “moderate” Sunni imam Moaz al-Khatib was elected president.

In the short month since its creation the Syrian national Coalition has received praise, criticism, cooperation, condemnation, and skepticism. Whether it is operating in good faith and is up to the task of justly and competently governing post-Assad Syria during the transitional phase remains to be seen. In any case the international community must remain steadfast in efforts to prevent further mass atrocities in accordance with the United Nations’ responsibility to protect initiative as asserted in the 2005 World Summit Outcome Document, paragraphs 138 and 139 and in UN Security Council Resolution 1674 and in its support for a free, democratic, secular, pluralist Syria under which all Syrians will be afforded equal protect before the law in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Continue reading

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Syria: Sifting through the disinformation

Syria: Sifting through the disinformation by Abel Ashes It is important to realize that in the Syrian conflict there are many Islamist factions, and several secular ones, as well as minority religious groups most of whom support some sort of secular government in order to protect themselves. The semi-secular Assad regime is backed by the … Continue reading

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Commentary on GlobalPost’s Swallowing the big lie on Syria Commentary: Reporting massacres that didn’t happen, and other media sins.

COMMENTARY ON: Swallowing the big lie on Syria Commentary: Reporting massacres that didn’t happen, and other media sins. Tom Fenton July 27, 2012 06:00 COMMENTARY by Abel Ashes It is true that Assad’s brutal and stifling dictatorship has had the positive effect of holding extremists back from seizing power. It is true that the … Continue reading