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Thoughts on the anti-gay jihadist attack against Pulse nightclub in Orlando

The mentality of Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen is a stark reminder of how religion often perverts sexual morality. Mateen apparently believed that homosexuality between consenting adults is morally wrong and that taking thousands of women as sex slaves as ISIS does is not morally wrong. He had it exactly backwards. Homosexuality is not morally … Continue reading

Christian Fundamentalism / Islamism / Libya / Secularism

Glen Doherty fought Christian theocracy in the U.S. military and died protecting the U.S. Embassy in Libya from Islamic theocrats

VIDEO: US Military Missionaries (V3 Abridged) This kind of fundamentalist Christian manipulation of the U.S. military is extremely unconstitutional and counterproductive. It leads to mistreatment of non-Christian troops, be they Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, unitarian/universalist, agnostic, atheist, or other and makes the U.S. look like a Christian theocracy overseas lending credibility to the ridiculous claims … Continue reading

Christian Fundamentalism / Islamism

Radical Islam and fundamentalist Christianity are two sides of the same coin!

The radical far right, anti-immigration, anti-socialism, pro-fundamentalist Christian theocracy movement is attempting to hijack the anti-Islamist, anti-Shariah movement to use as a tool to promote their own fascist theocratic agenda both in the US and in Europe. They must be opposed! It is time for the supporters of freedom and equality to stand in opposition … Continue reading