New music

I finally released a new single and hope to do so each month of 2017 until I have completed a new album. The first single, Magical Markets and Magical Mules (solo acoustic version) is a blues based solo acoustic guitar and vocal protest song about theocracy, both Christian and Islamic and superstition, both religious and … Continue reading


Thoughts on the possible elimination of ACA mandates by Trump’s Executive Order

I am very much in favor of doing away with the individual mandate to purchase expensive private health insurance. I am very much opposed to doing away with the mandates that those expensive health insurance plans cover pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately in the greed based system we are currently saddled with, the individual mandate is “necessary” … Continue reading

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Why ISIS attacks Turkey without claiming responsibility

Turkey is full of ISIS cells whose primary functions are smuggling ISIS recruits across the border into Syria and smuggling commodities such as oil and antiquities and weapons that ISIS needs to sell and/or buy in order for the economy of Islamic State to function. It is no coincidence that ISIS began to attack Turkey … Continue reading