People really need to stop making false comparisons between the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict and Putin’s War on Ukraine.

The amount of lies and bullshit in the article link below rivals Putin’s disinformation.

Ukraine, Russia, Israel, and Palestine all have the right to fire back if fired upon. When Hamas fires the first shot across the borderline, it is Hamas that is the aggressor, just as when Putin invades Ukraine without just cause, it is Putin that is the aggressor. (Notice that I do not blame “Gaza” or “Russia”, because neither people have control over the actions of their insane governments.)

What the war in Ukraine taught us, Palestinians

We fight our oppressors, and we get branded terrorists. Ukrainians do the same, and they get applauded for their courage.

Whay do I say the comparisons made in this article are “lies and bullshit”?


let’s start with “fighting our oppressors” in the subheading. Its an entirely false equivalency. Ukraine is not “fighting their oppressor”. They are a sovereign nation being invaded without justification by another sovereign nation that denies Ukraine’s right to exist.

I wonder if this writer thinks Israel has a right to exist or if he thinks, like Israel’s extreme right, that all of the land belongs to one ethnic or religious group and that the other people should be ethnically cleansed from the land.

The list of other countries where war occurred recently and or is still occurring is relevant in terms of the refugee crisis, but in terms of the world response to the conflict itself, his comparison is ridiculous. Every one of those other wars is either a civil war or a war in which both parties were belligerent. Ukraine is a sovereign democratic nation invaded by another nation without provocation or justification. If Hamas has the supposed “right” to fire rickets at civilian areas of Israel to “liberate their people” (which actually only prolongs Palestinian suffering and the conflict), then surely Ukraine has the actual right to choose to be a member of the EU or NATO or to have a free press that might sometimes get some truth into Russia.

Even the 2014 annexation of Crimea is not comparable to what is happening now. What I mean is that, that invasion was due to a civil war type situation with Russian ethno-linguistic speratists, so Crimea can be compared to something like a civil war. In the case of Crimea Russia invaded to back one side in a civil war, so it can be compared to foreign intervention in Syria, Libya, or Yemen, but this current war cannot.

Its also not comparable to the US invasion of Iraq, which is admittedly the closest comparison because that invasion was also illegal under international law. Why do I say that? Zelensky is not a dictator. Saddam Hussein was one of the most brutal dictators in modern history. Zelensky did not start a war with any other country. Saddam Hussein started the Iran/Iraq War, invaded Kuwait without justification, and threatened to invade Suadi Arabia. Did Zelensky use weapons of mass destruction against his own citizens in a war of ethnic cleansing as Saddam Hussein did to the Iraqi Kurds? No he did not.

One thing Zelensky and Saddam Hussein do have in common is that both are members of ethnic or religious minorities in their countries. Zelensky is both a Jew and a native Russian speaking Ukrainian in a nation that is majority Christian and majority native Ukrainian speakers. Saddam Hussein was a Sunni Muslim in a country that was majority Shia Muslim. The difference is that Zelensky is a democratic, secular, pluralist who treats all Ukrainians equally and Saddam Hussein was a tyrannical bigoted autocrat who oppressed the Shia majority, which directly lead to the sectarian civil war that overtook Iraq following the fall of Saddam and the advent of Iraq’s democratically elected government.

The Palestinians and Israelis (more than a quarter of whom are themselves Sunni Muslim Arabic speaking pre-Zionism “Arab” Palestinians from the same pre-Zionism Palestine as the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza), are only two separate people in two different countries because of extremists on both sides that drove out the British, who basically were forced to play reluctant peacekeepers after finding themselves having to administer Palestine after World War I.

The popular myth is that Palestine was an independent Arab Muslim state before 1947 and then Jews who were driven out of Europe by the Holocaust and World War Two became Zionists and came to Palestine and waged a war on Palestinians and took their land. Every single point of that myth is a lie or a distortion.

The honest and accurate history of Israel/Palestine goes more like this: Various tribes lived side by side in ancient Canaan. One of those many tribes was the Israelites, some of whom became monotheists and called their splinter tribe Judea. Both Jews and Palestinians are ethnically, genetically, linguistically, culturally, and religiously descended from ancient Canaanite tribes.

When Rome occupied Canaan they called it Palestine and severely oppressed the indigenous tribes, one of whom was the Jews/Israelites, which forced most, but not all of them into exile and diaspora.

The indigenous Palestinians who remained were mostly eventually forced to convert to Christianity and in later occupations by other foreign occupiers, they were forced to convert to Islam.

So, we have two populations of indigenous Canaanites, one in exile and diaspora (Jews) and the other living under one occupying force after another (“Palestinians”). Both groups intermarried with other ethnic groups for 2000 years.

This is why both Israeli Jews and Palestinian and Israeli Arabs are both, on average, only about 50% of indigenous ancestry when they undergo DNA tests, whereas the Lebanese are usually about 90% indigenous Canaanite.

So now we get to Zionism. Why did the Zionist movement begin in the late 1800s? It was largely a response to Russian, European, American, and Middle Eastern persecution of Jews and not primarily about religious persecution either. Zionism was initially a quite secular movement and most persecution of Jews is more racist in nature than similar to anti-Christian persecution or Islamophobia.

Why Ottoman Palestine? That is the Jewish ancestral homeland. That is where all of the ancient history of Jews, both secular and religious is. That is where the archeological relics are. That is where the artifacts are. That is where the holiest site of the Jewish religion is (The Temple Mount and Wailing Wall), which later had a mosque built on top of it that is the third holiest site in Islam (al Aqsa).

Initially and for about 50 years, Zionists moved to Palestine and bought land from Palestinians and Ottomans and most Jewish Zionists and Palestinian Arabs lived in peace with one another, but both ethnic groups had religious and political fanatics in their midst who formed armed militias seeking ethnic separatist states and both wanted all of the land of Palestine.

During World War One, Britain and the Ottoman Empire wound up on opposite sides of the war. In order to win the battle against the Ottomans with minimal British casualties, Britain encouraged both Jewish Zionist terrorist militias and Arab Palestinian nationalist terrorist militias to wage war on the Ottomans to drive them out of Palestine. Britain basically lied to both nationalist factions, promising them both the entirety of Palestine as an ethno-centric homeland for their own people.

When both sides realized that they had driven out the Ottomans only to wind up with a new occupier (Britain) and still having to share their “homeland” with the other ethnic group, they both refused to lay down their arms and continued to fight against both the British occupation and each other, as well as to carry out terrorist violence aimed at ethnic cleansing on the other ethnic group.

During the Ottoman and British occupations of Palestine, the Zionist Jews were also Palestinians. It is only after 1947 that we no longer call Jewish Palestinians “Palestinian” as they became “Israeli”.

When Britian and the UN grew tired of policing the Mandate, they sought a way out that might not result in a huge war between the ethnoterrorist ultranationalists on both sides. That way out was to partition the land into two separate nations, one Jewish and one Arab.

The Arab Palestinians refused to accept this “two state solution” and basically made themselves effectively stateless by making that choice. Israel, which was full of people who also did not want to accept this, took the more pragmatic approach of declaring statehood on the land they were given and planning for how they might expand their national borders in the future.

The Arab states that immediately waged war on Israel, basically gave the expansionist elements in Israel a golden ticket when they attacked Israel and every war that the Palestinians and other Arab nations have waged on Israel has resulted on loss of Palestinian land.

It has only been by negotiation and compromise that Palestine has gotten back lands lost in wars with Israel.

Israel gave Sinai back to Egypt. Jordan gave The West Bank back to the Palestinians. Israel gave Gaza back to the Palestinians. The Israeli government paid Israelis to move out of Gaza and force evicted the Israelis who refused to leave. Soon after Hamas waged war on the Palestinian Authority and in an election full of death threats and intimidation “won” the election and has since ruled over Gaza.

It is wrong to say that Hamas is a “terrorist group”. Hamas used to be a terrorist group (and a religious charity). Once they were elected to be the ruling party of a state (Gaza and The West Bank are effective two different states at this point.) Hamas lost its status as a “non-state actor”. Terrorism is violent political action targeting civilians committed by a non-state actor. If we include “state terrorism” in the definition of “terrorism” then the word “terrorism” basically ceases to have any usefulness.

When Hamas starts another round of conflict with Israel by firing rockets at Israel, whether firing at military or civilian targets, Hamas is engaging is a belligerent state, a warmonger rather than “terrorist”.

The partition of British Palestine into Israel and Palestine caused both ethnic groups to be forced from their homes, as did violence between the two groups before 1947. Jews and Arabs lived side by side throughout Ottoman and British occupied Palestine.

We focus on the “Arabs” losing land due to the partition because they were a larger population and most had longer continuous ownership or connection to properties lost than the Zionist Jews who were losing land or property that their families had owned for now more than 50 years, often much more recently. Of course a minority of the Jews in Palestine were not Zionist immigrants from the diaspora, but from the small number of Jewish families that never left Palestine.

Arab Palestinians were given the choice to apply to be Israeli citizens and keep their property and land, Many chose this. These are the “Nakba Arabs” or Israeli Arabs.

Basically, the British wanted to stop losing troops policing the Mandate of Palestine, but wanted to leave things as peaceful and stable as possible before pulling the troops and administration out. Unfortunately, they had built up two opposing nationalistic monsters against the Ottoman occupation, that both thought they deserved control of the entirety of Palestine, so it was divided into two nations to try to create a peace, but it backfired immediately, because the Arabs in Palestine and throughout the Arab world refused to accept losing control of any part of Palestine to a “Jewish State”. Its hard to know for sure, but its possible that if it had been preserved as one country for Jews, Arabs, and others, that there might have been a period of civil war and terrorism followed by peace and stability. But it could have just as likely been an even worse disaster than the partition with one group ethnically cleansing the other from the entirety of Palestine.

To be continued…?

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