Interesting articles about Putin’s demented foreign policy guru Alexandr Dugin

“Should Vladimir Putin’s barbarous war of Russian expansion move beyond the borders of Ukraine into Moldova, Finland, or even Sweden, then expect to hear the name “Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin” far more frequently. A former philosophy professor at Moscow State University, Dugin has combined his obsessions with occultism and the neo-pagan philosophies of European fascists like Julius Evola and Alain de Benoist to derive his fervently nationalistic ideology of “Eurasianism,” promulgated in books with torpid titles such as Foundations of Geopolitics and The Fourth Political Theory...”Russia today is not the Soviet Union and Putin is not a premier. What both Putin and his court philosopher wish is to establish Russia as a new empire, a new Byzantium, a Third Rome, with the dictator as its Tsar. That Russia is a state mired in oligarchical corruption is well known, but to see financial incentive as the core of Putin’s desire is to dangerously misapprehend the nature of our current threat, and it’s not to take men like Dugin at their word. Understood not as a conventional leader, or even as a simple autocrat, but rather as the de facto spiritual head of a fascist International, suddenly Putin’s behavior crystalizes into focus. The reactionary anti-LGBTQ laws in Russia, the financial and ideological support of far-right figures such as Marine Le Pen in France, Nigel Farage in Britain, and Trump in the United States, the forced annexation of Crimea and portions of Georgia, and now the offensive in Ukraine, don’t make sense if we simply understand Putin as just another Russian autocrat.”

Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin (Russian: Александр Гельевич Дугин; born 7 January 1962) is a Russian philosopher, professor, political analyst and strategist. He was the main organizer of the National Bolshevik PartyNational Bolshevik Front, and the Eurasia Party. He also served as an advisor to the State Duma speaker Gennadiy Seleznyov[5] and a leading member of the ruling United Russia party, Sergey Naryshkin.[6] Dugin is the author of more than 30 books, among them Foundations of Geopolitics (1997) and The Fourth Political Theory (2009). Dugin is a relativist who claims that concepts of liberalism, freedom and democracy are alien to Russian culture, and that the exact sciences of chemistry and physics are demonic Western influences. He believes that Russia is culturally closer to Asia than to Europe, and espouses an ultranationalist, neo-fascist ideology based on his idea of Neo-Eurasianism. He has called for the creation of an illiberal totalitarian Eurasian empire stretching from Dublin to Vladivostok, with the annexation of Ukraine and Finland to support his idea of a Russian truth.”

Russian attempts to woo American white supremacists have backfired

A quarter-century after American neo-fascists began looking to Russia for support, the relationship is on its heels.

Why is this Pizzagate truther meeting with a Russian neo-fascist?

Far-right darlings Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone head to Russia to meet with Alexander Dugin.

A Russian conservative view of Putin: interview with Alexander Dugin

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An example of Dugin’s bizarre poilitical analysis: Alexander Dugin: The Assassination of General Soleimani in the Context of the Apocalypse

Alexander Dugin and Steve Bannon’s Ideological Ties to Vladimir Putin’s Russia

The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia is a geopolitical book by Aleksandr Dugin. It has had significant influence within the Russian military, police and foreign policy elites[1] and has been used as a textbook in the Academy of the General Staff of the Russian military.[1][2] Its publication in 1997 was well received in Russia. Powerful Russian political figures subsequently took an interest in Dugin,[3] a Russian Eurasianistfascist,[4] and nationalist[5] who has developed a close relationship with Russia’s Academy of the General Staff.[6]

Dugin credits General Nikolai Klokotov of the Academy of the General Staff as co-author and his main inspiration,[7] though Klokotov denies this.[2] Colonel General Leonid Ivashov, head of the International Department of the Russian Ministry of Defence, helped draft the book.[8]

The Fourth Political Theory (Russian: Четвертая политическая теория, Chetvertaya Politicheskaya Teoriya) is a book by the Russian political analyst and strategist Aleksandr Dugin, published in 2009. In the book, Dugin states that he is laying the foundations for an entirely new political ideology, the fourth political theory, which integrates and supersedes liberal democracyMarxism, and fascism.[1] In this theory, the main subject of politics is not individualismclass struggle, or nation, but rather Dasein (existence itself).[2]

The book has been cited as an inspiration for Russian policy in events such as the war in Donbas,[3] and for the contemporary European far-right in general.[4],democracy%2C%20Marxism%2C%20and%20fascism

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