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Abel Ashes – New Calamity (2020)


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1.New Calamity 05:25
2.Worm Food 06:42
3.Grand Old Party Line 03:06
4.The CEO 03:25
5.Food in My Gut 04:31
6.Magical Markets and Magical Mules 04:15
7.Between the Droughts and the Floods 03:56
8.Blood in the Wake 06:33
9.Atheists in Mecca 05:46
10.R2P (Human Refugees) 05:51

No budget outsider protest songs…I wrote one about the mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic (New Calamity) and one about mortality (Worm Food) and another about simple-mindedness (Grand Old Party Line). All three themes seem closely related. Then I figured I ought to record the new versions of some older tunes. The CEO was written in 1994 and the band version from Eat Plastic is very different from the new version included here. Food in My Gut was written in 2001 and also originally featured on Eat Plastic. The remainder of the tracks are more fleshed out and often more complex arrangements of songs originally released on 2019’s Between the Droughts and the Floods album. Both Atheists in Mecca and Blood in the Wake are substantially longer, having merged together the two different versions of each from their previous incarnations. Between the Droughts and the Floods is more musical and more intense. There are new instrumental sections R2P, Magical Markets and several other tunes. – AA


released August 12, 2020

All words and music by Abel Ashes

Produced, recorded, engineered, edited, mixed, and mastered by Abel Ashes on a laptop with an external keyboard using a single Blue Snowball microphone and Audacity in my bedroom in Tunis.

Guitar, vocals, and electronic embellishments by Abel Ashes

One small inexpensive Tanglewood acoustic guitar was used to play all guitar parts. As with 2019’s Between the Droughts and the Floods album, all guitar and vocals were recorded simultaneously in mono through one microphone like an old Alan Lomax tape.

Album cover photo and design by Abel Ashes

Artwork for individual tracks created from various pieces artwork and photographs in the public domain, modified and repurposed by Abel Ashes


all rights reserved



experimentalacoustic guitaratheistclimate changeexperimental rockexperimentalrockfree jazzfreejazzjazzrockpandemic musicpoliticalprotest songprotestrockrefugeesstructuredimprovisationTunis

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