Mutually Assured Destruction

Mutually Assured Destruction

Words and music by Abel Ashes, from the album Between the Droughts and the Floods, 2019

5:29 am, July 16th in ’45
The Gadget mushroom cloud lit up the Carrizozo sky,

Yes, Tojo was a butcher, the rapist of Nanking
And the empire was a menace but it’s people were not free.

Since Mukden Bridge in ’31 the fascists did what fascists do
And they last held sham elections back in 1942.

The US cracked the Purple Code.
They knew Japan was giving in.
Made of list of target cities where they could test the bomb again.

Hirohito would surrender if some conditions would be met,
But Stalin was just stalling while he placed is armaments.

Secretary Byrnes knew these new weapons would be more than tools of war.
These were diplomatic tools that could stop the next world war.

And make the US number one and Russia number two
When these two wartime allies became enemies at the end of World War Two.

Yep, the end of World War Two,
What was Stalin gonna do?
Well, anyone could see the dawn of World War Three.

Henry Stimson had a plan to threaten every man.
Stopping World War Three would not come for free.

At the end of World War Two, what was Truman gonna do,
But follow precedent and bomb the innocent?

Little Boy, Enola Gay
Fat Man in Bock’s Car
Hiroshima, Nagasaki turned to dust and char.

All those innocent civilians, flesh peeling off in sheets
Loved ones disappeared, incinerated in the heat.

Ordinary people, petechiae on their skin
Radiation in their blood and bones, a slow and painful end.

The dead and Hibakusha, a full 85% percent
Were innocent civilians like your family and friends.

There were Korean Hibakusha and Americans as well,
But history’s know-nothings say they all deserved this hell.

Russia had scientists and spies and captured Germans too.
Stalin sought atomic weapons since 1942.

By 1949 with their first successful test
First Lightning lit the sky at Semipalatinsk.

The Cold War had arrived, a different kind of World War Three,
Omnicide on the horizon from sea to shining sea.

ICBMs across the ocean, cities gone in just a flash,
Mutually Assured Destruction to ensure that peace would last.

With bombs too big to use, If you nuke us we’ll nuke you.
Though both sides had the bomb, the carnage carried on.

Third World civil wars turned to Cold War proxy wars
And bombs too big to use were just public funds abused.

The Midwest to Khazakstan, India to Pakistan,
The UK, France, the PRC, Israel in secrecy.

White South Africa, black market traffickers,
Crazy Kim Jong Il and crazy Kim Jong Un.

Without a global ban perhaps tomorrow its Iran.
Though Obama made a deal to slow their progress toward a bomb,
Like all things wise and measured it was shat upon,
Yeah, it was shat upon when The Donald came along.

If Iran acquires a nuke the Saudis promise they will too.
The next day, the Saudis say, It’ll be the KSA.
They’ll buy them straight from Pakistan where the fifth column’s Taliban.
India v. Pakistan, the Saudis v. Iran

The Doomsday Clock tics on ’til all the nukes are gone.
The Doomsday Clock tics on ’til all the nukes are gone.
The Doomsday Clock tics on ’til all the nukes are gone.
The Doomsday Clock tics on ’til all the nukes are gone.

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