By the Smartphone Light

By the Smartphone Light

Words and music by Abel Ashes, from the album Between the Droughts and the Floods, 2019

If she’s lookin’ good he just grabs her by the cooch
Pooches out his ugly lips and gives her a big smooch.

Stays up to the crack of dawn to have a Twitter fight
Sharing alt-right talking points by the smartphone light.

He’d rather fund a border wall than American healthcare
And he can’t hide his boner for dictators everywhere.

America is great again. There’s a white man in the house
And he don’t mind white immigrants like his Slavic spouse.

Takes asylum seekers children and puts them in a cage.
Brown people fleeing MS-13 puts him in a rage.

White supremacy’s alive and well with Donald on the case.
Bad ideas bouncin’ ’round his head like junk in outer space.

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