Mass shootings: guns, mental health, and American culture itself

The most honest and accurate statement SE Cupp makes in a recent CNN article, in which she calls Democrats hypocrites on the gun control and mass shootings issue, is when she says that she doesn’t have the courage to fully confront the issue.

Democrats, like Republicans, don’t all take exactly the same position as one another, but there is no doubt which party is more and which is less on the side of correcting this issue. The distance between them is enormous. SE Cupp is the sort of person that I, as an atheist, hold up as an example that being an atheist does not necessarily make one a rational person in other respects.

She speaks of mental healthcare, but let’s be clear that mental healthcare, like all healthcare is only so good as your affordable access to it. Both parties have failed in this regard but only the Democrats have really tried. Also it should be noted that most mentally ill people, including many with problems more severe than many of these shooters, do not commit violent acts like this.

She is 100% dishonest when she says that changes in laws would not have stopped him from buying his gun. The gun laws in various localities and states do stop people from buying guns all the time and work quite well in other countries.

The ONLY part of this that perhaps both parties are just as guilty of is recognizing that this is about US culture as much as it is about access to guns, mental health, school security, extremist ideologies, side effects of going on or off certain prescription drugs, et cetera.

Other countries don’t have this problem because other countries have stricter gun control (including countries with as many or more guns per capita than the USA: “gun control” is not necessarily “anti-gun” but pro-gun, gun owner, and ammunition regulation.), but there are other factors like less expensive, less bureaucratic access to healthcare including mental healthcare.

However, although I remain convinced that easy access to firearms is the single most important factor in why we have these incidents, I think that it is American culture that is the most overlooked aspect because no one wants to admit that other countries don’t have this problem because they simply don’t have as many people whose culture tells them that violence is the solution to everything.

The fantasy of “going out in a blaze of glory” is a huge part of this phenomena and it is one deeply embedded in American culture and often violently instilled in boys by their fathers and other male role models.

Our inconsistent gun laws are to blame for mass shootings, the NRA is to blame for mass shootings, our healthcare system which has been a failure in terms of access to care since the 1950s is to blame for mass shootings, our fragmented law enforcement system is to blame for mass shootings, but so is American culture itself and that is what neither party has the courage to say because both parties have to keep repeating “America is the greatest nation on Earth ad infinitum

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