Gun control is not necessarily anti-gun

Switzerland has one of the highest guns per capita ratios of any nation on Earth AND some of the tightest gun control laws. Common sense gun regulations, laws, rules, controls are not necessarily any more “anti-gun” than traffic laws and automobile regulations are “anti-car”. Switzerland tracks every bullet sold, takes away the right own guns from people who make death threats and commit serious violent crimes or have psychosis, requires strict permitting, requires training, licensing, background checks, bans certain guns except for military use but they have more households that own guns than the USA and all of those “gun controls” are the main reason they don’t have these mass shootings like the USA does. A long time ago the NRA was a gun safety organization. Now they are a gun anarchy organization fighting for the “rights” of gun manufacturers and dealers to sell anything they want to anyone they want at anytime they want, no matter what the consequences.

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