20 facts to consider about the Israel/Palestine conflict

Some facts to consider about the Israel/Palestine issue:

1. The fighting between Jews and Arabs began long before the creation of the modern state of Israel and there were culprits on both sides; Lehi/Stern Gang (Jewish Palestinian Zionist terrorists) and Black Hand (Arab Muslim Jihadist anti-Zionist terrorists)…”both sides” of that pre-Israel conflict in British Mandatory Palestine were guilty of racist ethnic cleansing, religious extremism, theocracy, and the mass murder of innocent civilians)…before the modern state Israel existed.

2. The original borders dividing Jewish and Arab areas were largely decided upon by the British to keep these minorities of Jews and Arabs from killing each other, but were drawn in such a way as to force Arabs and Jews to cross each other’s territory to enter into other parts of their own territory. Most Arabs and Jews were trying to live in peace with each other. It was a minority on both sides doing most of the violence, including the violence against the British.

3. “Palestinian” does not mean “Arab”. Palestine is the Roman name for the region that was later adopted by the British. Jews who lived Palestine were also considered to be “Palestinian” before the modern state of Israel was created.

4. Almost a third of Israel citizens are Palestinian Arabs whose families chose Israel citizenship when it was offered in the early days of Israel. Most of these Arab Israelis are Sunni Muslims. However a sizable minority are Christians and those Israeli citizen Arab Palestinian Christians make up about 80% of all Christians in Israel, so when “Christian Zionists” blindly support one side or the other out of their Christian faith they should consider the fact that most Israel Christians are Palestinian Arabs.

5. Besides that fact that Jews and Arabs are closely related ancient Middle Eastern tribes whose languages and religions are also closely related, there is the fact that genetic studies have repeatedly confirmed that many, if not most, “Arab” Palestinians are partial descendants of the same Jews that most Jewish Israelis are descended from. In other words: Jews, Arabs, Turks, Copts, Amazigh, Kurds, Romans, Greeks and many others left their genetic mark on the people of Palestine and many of the “Arab” Palestinians come from Jewish families who chose to convert to Islam or Christianity and intermarried with Arabs, adopting their culture and language.

6. The early Zionists were largely secular and many were atheists, whose concerns stemmed more from the mistreatment of ethnic Jews globally, than from anything to do with religion or ethnic supremacy. Unfortunately, in order to gain the support of the majority of Jews these secular Zionists made the decision to allow Jewish religious fanatics into the leadership of the movement. Similarly, the Palestinian liberation movement has always had conflicts between different factions, some who just want a fair deal for the Palestinians, others who are secular Arab nationalists, and the Islamists and jihadists.

7. If it were not for the fact that Jerusalem is the holiest city on earth for religious Jews while simultaneously being one of the holiest cities on Earth for Christians and the site of the third holiest Mosque on Earth for Muslims, the conflict would have been resolved long, long ago.

8. The often mentioned “Occupation” refers to the disputed areas of Palestine seized and largely controlled by Israel (while still officially consider to be parts of Palestine) after the 6 Day War and not to the entirety of Palestine or Israel. This is an important point that many around the world who take one side or the other seem to not understand. These are the areas in which Israeli “settlers” keep encroaching in an attempt to eventually officially annex these regions in Israel.

9. In Israel many family law issues are handled by religious courts. Israel has Jewish, Sunni Muslim, Christian, Druze, and Baha’i courts. There are many Arab Israeli politicians and Arab Israeli led political parties and including anti-Zionist parties. There are also anti-Zionist Jewish political movements in Israel.

10. The first Palestinian suicide bombings were the work of the PFLP, a Communist secular Palestinian organization founded and led by George Habash who was a Christian Communist Arab Nationalist Palestinian. Later the anti-Zionist Lebanese Shia Muslim Islamists of Hezbollah took up the practice under the influence of both the PFLP and the Islamic Republic of Iran. At a much later date the practice was taken up by Sunni Muslims in Hamas and other smaller factions.

11. Hamas began as a Sunni Islamist movement providing charitable services to Palestinians including hospitals. Some in Israel erroneously thought that if an ultra-conservative fascistic Islamist group dominated Palestine rather than a Leftist, semi-secular one like the PLO, it would lead to a reduction in the global support for Palestinian causes whether peaceful, political, humanitarian, military or terrorist in nature. This is why Israel donated to Hamas charities in Hamas’s early days. It was a huge miscalculation.

12. Palestinians in Israel and in the West Bank have far more freedom and human rights than those in Gaza and this is because of Hamas.

13. Both Israelis and Palestinians as well as their respective “supporters” around the world often lie and mislead intentionally about events in the region, including by deceptive editing of video and audio and cherry picking of information. When we talk about the conflict we must realize that it is not just Palestinians and Israelis of various ethnic, religious and political persuasions (including those on “both sides” who want justice and peace for “both sides”) but also those who staunchly take one side or the other not out of concern for Palestinians or Israelis but in support of religious and political agendas in which Palestinians and Israelis are mere pawns: End Times prophecy obsessed “Christian Zionists”, Islamists of various Muslim sects globally, Jewish supremacists, neo-Nazis, anti-Arab bigots, anti- Jewish bigots, various types of conspiracy theorists most especially those who blame all of the world’s problems on “Zionists”, the far-left, the far-right, those who think Jews can do no wrong, those who think all Jews are evil, those who think all Arabs are Muslims, those who think all Muslims are terrorists, those who think no Muslims are terrorists, those who think Israel has no right to exist, those who think Palestinians don’t exist, those who lie about history on “both sides”, those Arab countries who treated Palestinian refugees as badly as Israel while using the issue for their own propaganda, those who make excuses for deliberate killing of innocent people (on either side), those who think either side has no right to self-defense, those who want to conflict to continue because it is not their blood being spilled but it somehow serves their religious, political or business interests (selling arms for instance)…

14. It would be better to be an Arab living in Israel than to be a Jew living in the West Bank or Gaza.

15. It would be better to be an Arab living in the West Bank or Israel than to be an Arab living in Gaza where Hamas will oppress you and if Hamas doesn’t shoot rockets at Israel another jihadist faction will and then Israel will retaliate against the civilian homes, hospitals, schools and playgrounds where Hamas and others launch these rockets from. Hamas wants Israel to create more “martyrs” which is why this is done. Israel is often stupid and callous enough to give Hamas exactly what they want: dead civilians.

16. It would be better to be an atheist in Israel than in the West Bank and in the West Bank than in Gaza where it would likely get you killed.

17. It would be better to be LGBT in Israel than in the West Bank and better in the West Bank than in Gaza where it would get you killed.

18. It would be better to be a woman in Israel or the West Bank than to be a woman in Gaza where women are second class citizens.

19. Hamas has always been trying to walk a line between being a Palestinian liberation movement, an Arab Nationalist movement, a Sunni Islamist movement, a Sunni jihadist movement, and a bunch of greedy thieving gangsters.

20. Supporting Hamas is supporting the death, maiming, brainwashing, and oppression of moderate, liberal, libertarian, leftist, secular, democratic, pluralist, pro-peace, Christian, Druze, atheist, agnostic, LGBT, and women/girls Palestinians. Women are about half the population so…

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