Why “Christianity, capitalism, and democracy” cannot save us from Islamic extremist terrorism

Today I responded to the following comment regarding the recent murder of two men who were defending two young women from anti-Muslim hate speech on a train in Portland, Oregon:

“If Islamic folks didn’t exist we wouldn’t have a problem at all in this world of ours. Christianity, capitalism and democracy rule….over and out.”

My response was as follows:

Christianity and Islam are both based on Judaism and Zoroastrianism (the religion that created “monotheistic” dualism: God/Devil, Heaven/Hell) and most of the evil shit in Islam was copied from Judeo-Christian “holy scripture”. Most Muslims don’t condone sex slavery, but ISIS can find it condoned in the Koran and Hadith, as well as in the Bible upon which the Abrahamic faith of Islam is also based.

KORAN: Quran (33:50)“O Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers; and those (slaves) whom thy right hand possesses out of the prisoners of war whom Allah has assigned to thee”

BIBLE: Numbers 31:17-18  – Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.”

The three Abrahamic faiths all have scripture that can be used to justify terrorism and tyranny
The three Abrahamic faiths all have scripture that justifies the murder of innocent nonbelievers
Both sides of the Israeli Palestianian conflict are controlled and manipulated by religious fanatics driven by hateful scripture
Brutal Islamic Sharia Law is based on brutal judeo-Christian Biblical law

You are right that there are horrible things in Islamic scripture that encourage this kind of terrorism and hate crime, but there are things that contradict it as well and I could be here all day sharing Bible verses calling for the execution of non-believers (like myself), homosexuals, innocent children, people who “curse” their parents, et cetera.

Jihadist violence is about far-right extremist theocratic hatred for all things secular and liberal

As for “democracy”, I am 100% for it as long as their are human rights and civil rights for minorities and oppressed groups built into the constitution and law and a strong separation of religion from the affairs of government. The mental, social, political, religious disease that spawns this terrorism has a name and that name is “theocracy” (religious government) which is the cause that ISIS and al Qaeda and Boko Haram and the Taliban and Abu Sayyaf Group are all fighting for….Christianity had its period of total religious control of government and still has its occasional killer fanatics. If one chooses religion it is the business of the individual….no government, school, parent, society, or culture has the right to force anyone to “believe” anything, especially not something rooted in superstition and make-believe. Without secularism and universal human rights protections, “democracy” is just mob rule by the pen rather than the sword…a way for majorities to oppress minorities “peacefully” and legally.

…and as for “capitalism”, I’m all for it as long as it is tempered with some sensible “socialism”. The most stable, dynamic, healthy, and equitable economies are all some form of “mixed economy” in which some things are privately owned and some things are publicly owned. The silly notion of capitalism versus socialism should have died with the Cold War. Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, Switzerland, the UK, France, Japan, Holland, Finland, Norway, Canada, even the USA, are all examples of various forms of “mixed economies”. Pure capitalism and pure socialism don’t work and never could. Neither business nor government is inherently bad or good and both have their place in a healthy economy.

It is also far past time for people in the so-called “West” to stop assuming that everyone from a Muslim majority country is a Muslim. If you were to get to know my friends and associates you would find a huge number of atheists from and in Muslim majority countries….not to mention some very liberal (feminist, pluralist, pro-democracy, anti-terrorism, pro-LGBT rights) and secular Muslims (support separation of religion and state). The thing people need to realize is that there are nearly as many schools of thought within Islam as there are within Christianity….Martin Luther King and the KKK both considered themselves to be “Christian”…it is the same when it comes to Islam….they are the two largest (most practiced) religions on Earth after all.

The post that started this conversation (complete with my references to songs by the great Australian rock band Midnight Oil, whose concert I recently attended in Denver, Colorado:

White Skin Black Heart…this guy was so paranoid that every Muslim (or anyone he thought might be a Muslim) was plotting terrorism like ISIS that he ended up killing innocent people by cutting their throats like ISIS…tired of America being a Redneck Wonderland.

Suspect in Portland Hate Crime Murders is a Known White Supremacist

‘Final act of bravery’: Men who were fatally stabbed trying to stop anti-Muslim rants identified

Just a few days before this another Neo-Nazi (in Tampa, Florida), who also idolized American agnostic gun-nut conspiracy theorist right-wing terrorist (from a Catholic background) Timothy McVeigh, converted to Islam and when his neo-Nazi roommates made fun of him he murdered them for it….extremism is extremism, murder is murder, theocracy is theocracy, bigotry is bigotry, terrorism is terrorism (although I don’t mind when jihadist wannabes and Neo-Nazis leave my planet by killing each other.)

Both this Neo-Nazi convert to Islam and the anti-Muslim Neo-Nazi killer in Portland are huge admirers of the late US right-wing extremist terrorist bomber Timothy McVeigh.

Neo-Nazi converted to Islam, killed roommates who ‘disrespected’ his faith, police say

…and finally I will leave you with some educated Muslims doing something good in the world…supporting science based medicine over ignorance and baseless conspiracy theories that spread disease…(this is not the Taliban’s version of Islam thankfully):

Imams in U.S. take on the anti-vaccine movement during Ramadan

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