Thoughts on the possible elimination of ACA mandates by Trump’s Executive Order

I am very much in favor of doing away with the individual mandate to purchase expensive private health insurance. I am very much opposed to doing away with the mandates that those expensive health insurance plans cover pre-existing conditions. Unfortunately in the greed based system we are currently saddled with, the individual mandate is “necessary” to have the sufficient revenue stream to sufficiently over-pay the asshole executives at the health insurance companies so that they can “afford” to insure sick people instead of just collecting huge monthly payments from those who never go to the doctor.
Healthcare will continue to be a mess until it is socialized fully. Having a healthcare system based on profit is obscene and childish. Some things should be publicly run and some things should be privately run. If we ran our power grid, or public water works, or highway systems, or military the same way we keep trying to run our healthcare “system” we would not be “the leader of the free world”. We would be a shitty Third World dump of a country.

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