ISIS attacks on Turkey related to idiotic End Times prophecies

ISIS wants to go to war with Turkey. ISIS sees their “Caliphate” waging war on Turkey as path to the fulfillment of “end times” prophecies that will bring on “judgment day”. These prophecies, which the religious leaders of the Islamic State take very seriously, involve a battle between “Islam” and “the West” at or near … Continue reading


Some less well known facts about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict

I got involved in another debate between two people taking opposite sides in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and left this comment: Early Zionism was secular and the founder of modern Zionism Theodor Herzl and many other Zionists atheist and agnostic with no interest in anything “divine”. 28% of Israeli citizens are Palestinian “Arabs” whose families chose … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the anti-gay jihadist attack against Pulse nightclub in Orlando

The mentality of Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen is a stark reminder of how religion often perverts sexual morality. Mateen apparently believed that homosexuality between consenting adults is morally wrong and that taking thousands of women as sex slaves as ISIS does is not morally wrong. He had it exactly backwards. Homosexuality is not morally … Continue reading