ISIS’s enemies would never support ISIS except for the enemies of ISIS you don’t like right?

This writer “George Washington” somehow understands that Assad’s regime in Syria would not support their mortal enemy “ISIS” and yet he promotes the equally insane idea that “ISIS” might be supported by other nations that are helping to fight “ISIS” in various ways and being threatened and/or attacked by “ISIS”. Just like Syria, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, Qatar, Palestine, Turkey… are not supporting “ISIS” and they never did.

Iraq War Propaganda Redux: U.S. Claims Syrian Government Supporting ISIS

It is a bizarre problem that millions of people seem to have in understanding reality. In his article he correctly states that it would be “silly” to believe that Assad would support or aid ISIS intentionally. I agree. Unfortunately he also states that the USA, which has bombed “ISIS” more than 4,000 times and fought against “ISIS’s” predecessor for 8 years before “ISI” entered the Syrian conflict and became “ISIS.

Syria does not support ISIS.

The USA does not support ISIS.

Israel does not support ISIS.

Saudi Arabia does not support ISIS.

Hamas does not support ISIS.

Fatah does not support ISIS.

Jordan does not support ISIS.

Libya does not support ISIS.

Turkey does not support ISIS.

…and ISIS has declared war on them all

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