No Syria, Turkey, the USA, Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, etc are not supporting “ISIS”

Islamic State is NOT state sponsored. I will keep saying it until people realize that it is true. Islamic State (“ISIS”) is an enemy of every single government that one or another conspiracy theorist, propagandist, paranoiac, or liar has accused of supporting “ISIS”.
Islamic State has a military strategy and will not attack anyone until they are in a prepared and advantageous position to do so. Islamic State has conducted attacks against Saudi Arabia prior to the recent attacks on Shia mosques, having killed Saudi border guards in the past.

Besides Iraq (the birthplace of “ISIS”), Syria (which has lost 50% of its territory to “ISIS”, and Saudi Arabia (which has been helping the US and Iraq to bomb “ISIS” targets in Iraq), “ISIS” is looking to attack Israel, Palestine, Jordan (another country that has been bombing “ISIS”, Lebanon (home country of “ISIS”‘s enemy Hezbollah), Turkey (which is finally beginning to take a more proactive course against “ISIS), Iran (which has troops in both Iraq and Syria helping to fight “ISIS”), Egypt (which is at war with “ISIS” cells in Sinai) Libya, Tunisia and Algeria (which are cooperating in efforts to combat “ISIS” cells in Libya) and all of the Gulf Arab countries which are allies of Saudi Arabia and seen by “ISIS” as “infidel occupiers” of portions of “the Caliphate”…..but that is just the beginning. “ISIS” sees all governments on Earth as “infidels” and only recognizes their “Caliphate” and the global Ummah they believe themselves to be the rightful rulers of according to their leaders’ extreme version of Islam.

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