As I said would happen: “ISIS” has once again attacked Israel and is threatening to attack Israel and Palestine, including Hamas as Hamas attacks “ISIS”

I hate to be an asshole, but this is another “I told you so” moment. By following “ISIS””s own propaganda and statements I already knew that some of the rockets fired from Gaza that led to the recent conflict between Hamas and Israel and caused many innocent people’s deaths, were fired by “ISIS” cells in Gaza rather than Hamas. I also knew that “ISIS” opposes both Israel and all of the Palestinian parties including Hamas. “ISIS” does not recognize the “right to exist” of either Israel or Palestine as nations. The only “nation” whose “right to exist” “ISIS” recognizes is the “Caliphate” they have declared themselves to be and the global Ummah they believe themselves to be the rightful rulers of. “ISIS” considers Israel, Fatah, and Hamas to all be illegitimate “infidel” rulers and has declared their desire to fight them all.

Hamas has been targeting the ISIS cells in Gaza. “ISIS” has been threatening Hamas and Israel recently, vowing to use their underground cells in Gaza and Sinai to attack both. “ISIS” has claimed responsibility for a recent rocket attack from Gaza into Israel.

Islamic State Attacks Israel: ISIS Supporters Threaten Hamas, Take Credit For Launching Rocket From Gaza

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