A few of my ideas for reforming the American political system

Charlie Yanni: “What are the changes you’d like to see in the system currently being employed by the U.S.?”

ABel AShes: “Well, we’d be here all night if I listed them all, but some of the big ones would be the following:

1. Repeal Citizens United.

2. Reinstate Glass–Steagall Legislation.

3. Reform law enforcement programs dealing with confidential informants so that it is no longer legal for the FBI to keep actively criminal gangsters and terrorists on “don’t arrest” lists because they throw investigators a bone once in a while.

4. Strict enforcement of separation of religion and state, banning campaigning and legislating from one’s religion as well as banning of the teaching of creationism and intelligent design in public schools. Making public secular education mandatory and closing private religious schools from kindergarten through high school, but leaving religious colleges alone for adults should they choose to poison their minds.

5. A new “Manhattan Project” to expand renewable energy sources and deal with anthropomorphic climate change.

6. Pass the Equal Rights Amendment finally constitutionally guaranteeing equal rights for women and pass similar amendments for atheists/agnostic/freethinkers and for LGBTQ people.

7. Embrace the principles of R2P (Responsibility To Protect) and lead at the UN in organizing international coalitions to intervene in any situation where genocide or severe oppression is occurring, anywhere possible to intervene, in which ever ways are feasible and helpful to intervene, anywhere in the world.

8. Pass a constitutional amendment banning foreign military intervention for any reason other than protection of human rights and human lives at home or abroad.

9. Expand the military’s engineering corps beyond the Army Corps of Engineers to a much larger agency that would train young people in engineering to create and manufacture vehicles, weapons and other supplies for the military, thus reducing military expenditures and breaking the back of the private for-profit “military.
industrial complex”

10. Close and ban privately run prisons and end prison for profit.

11. The creation of a new cabinet level agency with a mandate to act as a “second State Department” dealing exclusively with the issue of diplomacy in the service of reducing human bondage and oppression around the world.

12. The creation of a new domestic law enforcement and intelligence agency exclusively dealing with white-collar crime.

13. The creation of a new domestic law enforcement and international intelligence agency exclusively dedicated to fighting against human bondage and oppression from child sexual exploitation to child pornography to human trafficking to slavery to abusive cults to oppressive governments.

14. Universal publicly run healthcare with private options also available should the private market still provide them.

15. Increase in taxes on the super wealthy.

16. Increases of the federal minimum wage based on a realistic assessment of cost of living, with a sliding scale system for low profit and new-not-yet-to-profit small businesses.

17. Federal programs for expanding access to sex education, contraception, birth control, pregnancy testing, and the so-called “morning after pill.”

18. Reform of the immigration system, making it harder for religious extremists to immigrate on “religious worker visas”, while making it easier for those fleeing religious and political oppression to immigrate as refugees, making the process of law-abiding people in all circumstances easier with less unnecessary red-tape, while catching terrorists exploiting the immigration system.

19. Working to eliminate weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons domestically and worldwide, to stop new nations from developing them, while working to reduce and eliminate existing arsenals and developing and deploying early warning systems and defensive shield systems that can be used to protect civilian populations in the USA and around the world from the effects of WMD.
…(to be continued)”

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