“Do atheist men secretly admire Muslim women?”

On another page where Muslims and atheists debate, a young man, presumably Muslim, asked “Do atheist men secretly admire Muslim women?” After some asked what he meant exactly, he clarified that he was speaking of “physical attributes” of “Muslim women”.

This is what I wrote in response:
Physical qualities of Muslim women? Muslim women can be of any size, shape, ethnicity, color, height, weight, shoe size, bra size, pants size, waist diameter, BMI, nose size, mouth shape, eye color, hand size, level of hairiness, hair thickness, hair length, hair color, size and shape of vulva, shape and size of buttocks, chin, lips, tongue, forehead, neck, back, length of legs, thickness of thighs, boniness of ribs, voluptuousness of hips, curviness, thinness, fatness, muscularity, chubbiness, anorexicishness, blah blah blah….I think maybe you mean Arab, Persian, Turkish, Kurdish, Amazigh, Baloch, Pashtun, Chechen, Uyger, Mindanaoian, Amazigh, Indonesian, Malaysian, Maldivian, Tuareg, Afghan, Pakistani, Rohingha, Sudanese, Somali, and Bengali women even if they don’t believe in Islam at all, but not women from non-majority Muslim countries or cultures who happen to be Muslim.

If that is what you mean, then yes, many women from all of those countries, ethnic groups and cultures are very admirable and many have very beautiful physical attributes. However those physical attributes are much more lovely if she is also an atheist and a feminist rather than a Muslim.

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