Once again…”ISIS” is not state sponsored

Someone wrote something claiming that Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Libya, and Syrian rebels were all “funding ISIS”. The following was my reply.

Saudi Arabia is not funding the Islamic State. The Islamic State is being bombed by the Saudi military and has carried out several attacks in Saudi Arabia,which have killed Saudi military and Saudi Shia worshippers. The Saudis are a monarchy which is not acceptable to IS and they are a US ally which is not acceptable to IS. Saudi Arabia and Jordan are the two countries IS has stated in all of their propaganda that they wish to conquer and invade next should they take all of Iraq and Syria.

Turkey is also not funding IS. Turkey is guilty of not preventing foreign fighters using Turkey as their last stop on the way into Syria. Erdogan is happy to see the Assad regime, the Kurds, and IS kill each other while Turkey helps the USA fight IS in a more clandestine fashion so as to appear neutral to avoid IS and al-Nusra attacks inside Turkey while Erdogan slowly erodes Turkish secularism and imposes a Muslim Brotherhood style Islamic republicanism. A lot of Turkish/Syrian strategic conflicts revolve around the Kurds and regional water rights.

The Libyan government is at war with Libyan terrorist groups who have declared allegiance to IS. These Libyan Islamic State cells most famous for the beheading of Egyptian and Ethiopian Christians have attacked Libyan government offices, airports, police, civilians. The Libyan government is Islamist and pro-Sharia but not pro-IS.

Syrian rebels funding IS is the silliest idea of all. IS has way more money and sources of continuous income than any of the many Syrian rebel groups could ever dream of. There are Syrian rebels who have defected to the Islamic State and taken with them weapons and equipment and supplies. But “Syrian rebel” groups are informal armies operating in a country whose regime they are at war with who rely on donations for all of their expenses.

The Islamic State, on the other hand, is a country unto itself with it’s own diverse economy which derives income from black market sales of oil, antiquities, and sex slaves outside the “Caliphate”, as well as deriving revenue from all of the economic activities inside the “Caliphate” such as those I just mentioned plus agriculture, food production, water distribution, banking, taxation of more than 6,000,000 people in the cities and towns they control across 50% of Syria and about 1/3 of Iraq. IS just took Palmyra and Ramadi and with that gained even more accumulated additional territory, weapons, land, infrastructure, and continual sources of revenue.

The Islamic State is not a mere terrorist group. It is a defacto nation with global theocratically based empire building aspirations. It’s first goal is the erasure of all of the borders and governments of all of the nations in the Middle East and North Africa.

Yeah there are private financial supporters in every Muslim majority nation and many Muslim minority nations as well and Qatar is certainly one of the big ones but there is no national government that actually wants them to succeed. They are literally a threat to every single regime in the Islamic world as they see all of those regimes as illegitimate. One of the largest sources of outside money flowing into Islamic State war coffers uncovered in the Western world was a Muslim money laundering network in Spain that was helping Muslims across Europe to send money to the Islamic State military wing,

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