How the Israel/Palestine conflict is relevant to the issues of al Qaeda, the 9/11 attacks, and jihadist movements in general

From a page where people were debating whether the Israel/Palestine issue was relevant to a discussion about the 9/11 attacks. My comments: The Israeli/Palestinian issue is relevant in the sense that it is among the primary complaints of Al Qaeda that they claim as motive for their attacks against the USA. However Al Qaeda are not Palestinian nationalists who would recognize the rights of Palestinian Christians and atheists. They certainly wouldn’t recognize the rights of Jews indigenous to the Middle East or whose ancestors were forced into the diaspora by Islamic regimes.

The Israel/Palestine issue for them is about their religious duty to hold onto and rule by Sharia in lands previously conquered in jihad by the Ummah, lands that comprised previous Caliphates and to “liberate” (rule by sharia) the third holiest city in Islam: Jerusalem (which also happens to be the holiest city in Judaism and quite important to Christians as well).

To understand Al Qaeda’s position regarding Israel and Palestine you have to understand that Al Qaeda are on the “extreme right” of the political spectrum and are primarily motivated by religion. They lump the Palestinian issue in with complaints that Saudi Arabia committed an unforgivable sin by allowing US troops to be stationed in KSA to defend the Kingdom from possible attack by Saddam Hussein to complaining that the US finally quit enabling the Muslim government in Indonesia to commit genocide against the primarily Christian people of East Timor. There is a religious motivation for each of their grievances and it always goes back to their Islamic supremacy position and theocratic jihadist agenda.

How would men with the mentality of Al Qaeda rule Israel/Palestine? Jews could stay if they accepted dhimmi status and obeyed sharia law and payed jizyya, otherwise they would be fought and killed until they left or were dead. Any Jew who converted to Islam would be accepted as a Muslim. Any Christian Palestinians would have to prove they were from Christian families and did not convert from Islam or else risk execution as apostates. If they were born Christian they could stay as long at they accepted the same second class status as Jews. Palestinian and Israeli atheists and agnostics would be killed. Baha’I, Druze, any random converts to Buddhism or what have you, would also be killed.


5 thoughts on “How the Israel/Palestine conflict is relevant to the issues of al Qaeda, the 9/11 attacks, and jihadist movements in general

  1. There’s no such thing as a jihadist. that’s a made up word. An example of western media twisting basic Arabic words. Jihad means struggle. So, every human does jihad. I suggest you stick to English and use the word ‘terrorist’, instead of twisting the words of another language for your own agenda.
    Nobody was forced into a diaspora, many Jews chose to leave of their own accord. Iran still has a large population of Jews.

    The Jizya is not a bad thing. Muslims are required by Islam to give up a certain amount of their income each year to give to charity, non Muslims in Islamic lands are asked to do the same via this tax. I don’t think anybody is against charity.

    You are stuck in your own warped fantasy. Islam says non Muslims in Islamic lands must be treated well and taken care of.

    • All words are “made up words”. Jihadism is a real phenomena. Call it “military Islamism” if you will. Call “jihadists” “Mujaheddin” if you must. “Terrorist” is too general a word. “Terrorism” is word that refers to acts of violence by non-state actors against civilians in support of any political agenda. I am against terrorism of all sorts, since the intentional targeting of non combatants is always wrong no matter what the cause one is fighting for. However with jihadism (militant Islamism) and with political Islamism it is not just the means to the end that I oppose. I fully oppose the end. No religion has any right to run any government. Religion is childish fantasy. Government deals with real adult issues. Until there are no laws in any “Muslim land” based on Islam, Islam is my enemy.

      • No such word as jihadism, it’s taken from the ordinary word jihad, which is not an English word and simply means struggle. So, you’re still wrong,

        There’s no military Islam either, just grossly misguided people who don’t understand religion. Unlike many, I don’t wish to be ignorant.

        I am not interested in your views on religion, no need to tell me.

      • All people everywhere on Earth should be free to choose not to be religious and to not follow any religious (superstitious) rules. Theocracy is always, in every case a violation of the human rights of those whose beliefs differ from the theocrats, be they of a different sect of the same religion, a different religion entirely, or non-religious people such as myself and most of my friends from throughout the so-called “Muslim world”. Until it is safe for a child in a Muslim society to reject Islam I will never relent in this fight until my dying day. Don’t engage with me if you don’t want to have a discussion about the rights of apostates and atheists in the so-called “Muslim world” and the need to eradicate hereditary religion, blasphemy laws, theocracy, and the punishment of apostasy.

      • I don’t care if people reject religion. Nor do I care what you think about that. Stop sharing your views, pretending that i care. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

        There is only one theocracy in the world. HAHAHHAHAAH. I know many kids who have ‘rejected’ Islam. So, hush.

        Didn’t I already say that iSlam doesn’t mention apostasy and so any rules about that made by illegitimate Arab royals aren’t from Islam. Does that not enter your dim head??

        Yes, don’t engage with me anymore. You’re boring.

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