50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong

50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong

Some Muslim guy dutifully carrying out his online Dawa duties robotically asked the old cliched question “Are 1.6 billion Muslims insane?”, to which I replied with the following.

First of all, a lot of those 1.6 billion are non-believers who are counted as “Muslims” against their will and a lot of the rest of them are children who are not yet old enough to even know if they agree with Islam or not.

If you have to force people to join your religion at birth and threaten them with consequences ranging from eternal hell fire to social ostracism to death for leaving “the faith”, isn’t that really just a way of “cooking the books” to make your religious product look like it is selling in far larger numbers then it actually is?

I was just thinking about how It is funny how Joseph Smith, founding “prophet” of the Mor(m)on religion, copied Mohammed’s scam of pretending to be illiterate so he could write a book full of lies and pretend it was a “miracle”, but I digress.

There are a lot more than 1.6 billion people who have “insane” beliefs. Muslims aren’t the only ones. I mean, besides Islam there are all of the other religions and “spiritual beliefs”, plus all of the pseudoscience and fake “alternative” medicine, the belief in self regulating free markets, the idea that communism works, or libertarianism works, or anarchy works, or that homosexuality is immoral, or that women are inferior to men, or that only 12 chromatic tones arranged according to very strict rules set down by artistic expression stifling European royalty and clergy can constitute ” good music”, or that natural resources come from “the market” rather than “the market” being only possible because of the existence natural resources…et cetera.

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