Interesting arguments with right-leaning Zappa fans

Equensu Ocha wrote: Hobbin and a nobbin with someone else w a suspiciously middle eastern name disturbingly similar to a middle eastern dictator that had his own trading card set, I think we collected them all.

Abel Ashes responded: Equensu Ocha, Your comment about Obama’s middle name is ridiculous. Obama is a Christian liberal secularist who supports equal rights for all and the first President I have heard explicitly call for equal rights for atheists. The fact that he has Muslims in his family and was given an Islamic name middle name should no more be held against him than the fact that my first name is also a Jewish/Christian and yes, Muslim name. Most of my many, many, many atheist friends from Muslim countries have Islamic names because of their families and societies just like most atheists and agnostics from Christian families have Christian origin names like Michael and Paul and Mary. It is what got slapped on your birth certificate. Recent anonymous polling shows that there are higher percentages of atheists and nonreligious people in many so-called “Muslim countries” than there are in the USA. Islam is a religion. It is not genetic.

Equensu Ocha wrote: The fact that he doesnt stand in front of an American flag or salute It at speaches kills me. I think he forgets he works for us.

Abel Ashes responded: You need to watch more C-SPAN and quit listening to talk radio and Fox News which is owned by an Australian fascist liar and a Saudi Islamist plutocrat. BTW Frank Zappa was part Arab and grew up in a Catholic Italian family. Does that imply he was a secret jihadist pedophile mobster? Obviously not. Obama has done some things right and some things wrong, but he has not done 99% of the bullshit Republicans and especially the Tea Party (Koch Brothers puppets and recycled John Bircher tools) have accused him of.

Equensu Ocha wrote: I dont follow any mainstream media. My opinion is my own. Illegal immigrants and treatment of veterans is making me sick. I’ve had enough politics and religion for tonight.

William Casey wrote: Jesus christ. The Koch brothers spend a lot but they’re far from boogeymen. If you want to talk about where dark money comes from, the left has had absolutely no problem finding it…and has outspent plenty of opponents. The parties are evenly matched financially.

ABel AShes wrote: The Koch Brothers were mentioned because they created the fake “grass roots movement” called “The Tea Party” out of their fathers’ old ideological nutcase movement, The John Birch Society. I am well aware that they are far from the only rich and powerful people funding political movements.

ABel AShes wrote: “The left”…hhhh….What is called “Left” in America is what is considered center right in most of Europe and Australia…there are not many “leftists” in power in America…yeah Bernie Sanders used to be a socialist before he became a nonpartisan but everyone else is pretty much somewhere between liberal and centrist.

William Casey wrote: ABel AShes, you’re acting like there was no grassroots desire on the right to run actual small-government conservatives. since 1960, the only president that has fit that description is Ronald Reagan…and he was no fiscal angel, since he had to spend boatloads of money on foreign policy. there is a reason why in 2008 guys like Ron Paul caught on so well with certain crowds
I am well aware the left in our country tends to be center right across the world. Good.

ABel AShes No, I am not acting like that. I am saying that the Tea Party was creation of the Koch Brothers and ALEC and that they are a recycling of the John Birch Society which was funded with Fred Koch’s profits from building power plants and refineries for Joseph Stalin before he decided that anyone slightly to the Left of the KKK were “Communists”.

Larry Benjamin Ron Paul’s appeal was mainly to teenage boys and fellow racists – probably no more than 5% of the total electorate, despite claims that Paul “won” the GOP nomination anyway.

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