Statement on the Charlie Hebdo massacre

The enemy is not terrorism. Terrorism is a tactic not a movement. The enemy is not jihadism. Jihadism is a means to an end but it does not get to the heart of the question “why?”. The enemy is Islamism in all it’s forms. The enemy is theocracy in all it’s forms. The enemy is the disgusting notion that unproven, illogical, absurd, and childish bullshit should be immune from criticism. The enemy is political correctness and the enemy is the impulse to allow Islamists to make victims of us and of themselves. We cannot be victims. We must be 100 times the enemy that Islamism represents. We must wipe Islamism from the face of the Earth and we must be unapologetic in stating plainly that there never has been an Islamist “victim” and there never could be. Islamism is the work of bullies. Bullies are not “victims”. The only thing Islamists are victims of is the deep, dark lie that is Islam. The more the critics of Islam are attacked the deeper Islamism digs it’s own grave. – Abel Ashes

Parraig Reidy said it best in The Telegraph today in an article entitled We must stop blaming ourselves for Islamist terror

“If the rise of Isil has taught the world one thing, it is that the provocation is beside the point. Jihadists kill because that is what they do. It does not matter if you are a French cartoonist or a Yezidi child, or an aid worker or journalist: if you are not one of the chosen few, you are fair game. Provocation is merely an excuse used by bullies to justify their actions, while ensuring the world bows to their will.” – Parraig Reidy, The Telegraph, January 7th 2015

“Allow me to take advantage of controversial writer Salman Rushdie’s presence among you this evening to tell him this: although we may have deeply disagreed with your views, we committed an unforgivable sin in the Arab world when we responded with indifference to the fatwas and calls for your death. So indifferent were we that we colluded – even if just by our silent complicity – in excluding and eliminating difference, while acting as if the whole thing had nothing to do with us. And so here we are today, paying the high, bloodsoaked price of that collusion, and finding ourselves the main victims of the obscurantist ideology now infiltrating our homes and our cities. What a great shame that it has taken us all of this bloodshed to arrive at the belief that we are the ones who will pay the price for preventing those with whom we disagree from expressing their views – and that we will pay with our lives and our futures. What a shame this much blood has had to be spilled for us to realise, finally, that we are digging our own graves when we allow thought to be crushed by accusations of unbelief, calling people infidels, and when we allow opinion to be countered with violence. The disastrous consequences of this are clearly evident today across the Arab world, and especially in Syria, my country, where the ugliest forms of fascism and the dirtiest kinds of barbarism are practised in the name of both patriotism and Islam in equal measure.” – Mazen Darwish, PEN Pinter Prize – Mazen Darwish’s message – Full Text

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