But is Afghanistan safer?

‘We Are Safer’: President Obama Marks Formal End of War in Afghanistan

I don’t worry about my own safety. I worry about the safety of Afghans. I don’t concern myself with national security or civil rights. Instead I worry about global security and human rights. As far as I am concerned we are all in the same struggle across borders and frontiers for equal rights, economic justice, ecological and economic sanity, secularism and personal freedom, access to education, living- wage-paying employment, healthcare, and an end to discrimination based on gender, race, and sexual orientation.

I do think Afghanistan is far stronger to resist the Taliban now than when it was divided between warlords in civil war 1996. I wish 100% of the money spent by NATO and the US to equip Afghanistan’s military and police had been spent as it was meant to be, but we know that corrupt US and Afghan officials and contractors had their dirty fingers in it and a lot of the funds disappeared along with much of the humanitarian aid and infrastructural development funds.

Of course no matter how good the military and police are anti-terrorism requires intelligence and spying to thwart terror attacks and a political and legal system with the will to go after the ideological leaders of such movements, not just a military to fight militants and arrest them after they successfully attack innocent people.

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