Which “occupation” and whose “Holy Land”?

I am so sick of people arguing about whether Palestine or Israel has always existed in the Levant. Neither one has always existed. There was an ancient Israelite tribe there and other tribes as well such as the Canaanites. The area has been conquered and ruled by Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians, Arabs, Romans, Turks, Byzantines, and the British who ruled over both the Arabs and Jews of Palestine before the creation of the modern state of Israel. “Both sides” lie about history often.

All Jews have middle eastern ethnic origins. Hebrew and Arabic are both Middle Eastern languages with linguistic similarities. Neither is an Indo-European language. Most “Arab” Palestinians are probably at least partly descended from ancient Jews who converted to Christianity and Islam and adopted Arab culture during Arab colonization of the Levant. This has been demonstrated by DNA testing.

Judaism (the religion) is based on ancient Egyptian monotheistic mythology. Christianity and Islam are modeled after Judaism and Zoroastrianism. All governments should treat all ethnicities the same and all religion should be banned from all governments worldwide.

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