Why All Americans Should Read “Triple Cross” by Peter Lance: Jihadists are still manipulating our naivete and ignorance

Triple Cross: How bin Laden’s Master Spy Penetrated the CIA, the Green Berets, and the FBI by Peter Lance is way up near the very top of the list of books I most highly recommend to everyone to read. When you read such well research journalism as this and, for instance Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance on the Contra cocaine connection or the JD Cash Mc Curtain Daily Gazette articles on the Oklahoma City bombing, you get a much deeper understanding of the complexity and plethora of double-crosses (and triple-crosses) that play out in the world of extremist movements, undercover informants, career law enforcement officials, et cetera.

These are the kind of authentic investigative works that can never fully please partisans or conspiracy theorists or patriots or those who think reality should be simply black and white for the sake of their precious lazy psychological needs.

How the 9/11 attacks came to be successful is a much more complex story than either the “9/11 Truth Movement” or the 9/11 Commission and Senate Investigations would have you believe. 9/11 still matters because Americans and people around the world still judge current affairs based upon misconceptions and misunderstandings about it.

Perhaps the most dangerous misconception that Americans have about the international jihadist networks after 9/11 is related to not wanting to believe that the USA was outsmarted and manipulated from the early 1990s straight through to the 9/11 attacks by an extreme right religious and political movement that we severely underestimated.

Anyone who talks about al Qaeda’s origins and doesn’t start with Said Qutb, Omar Abdel Rahman and especially Abdullah Azzam simply doesn’t know what they are talking about and/or is lying.

Anyone who thinks 9/11 was the work of primitive men in caves being manipulated by neo-cons is either ignorant about basic biographical details of the conspirators or is lying. These were not ignorant cavemen.

The primary 9/11 plotters (all of whom are/were multilingual and had planned numerous successful terrorist attacks before 9/11:
Ramzi Yousef: electrical engineer and explosives expert, bomb maker in the first attack on the WTC in 1993
Abdul Hakim Murad: licensed commercial pilot
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: mechanical engineer
Osama bin Laden: studied economics, business administration, and civil engineering; had many years hands on experience in construction engineering
Ayman Zawahiri: masters degree in surgical medicine and many years experience as a surgeon in the Egyptian military and in civilian medical hospitals
Ali Mohamed: a former Egyptian Army Intelligence Officer who most likely was involved in planning the assassination of Anwar Sadat
Ramzi Bin al-Shibh: the least educated of the bunch, had a background in banking and successful made numerous transfers of money to the 9/11 pilots through various banking channels

The lesson is that our naivete, ignorance, greed, egotism, disunity, arrogance, overconfidence, and paranoia were then and still are being expertly manipulated by the global jihadist movement. Religious fanatics are perfectly capable of being highly intelligent and extremely committed. They outsmarted us on 9/11 and they are still outsmarting us today.


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