Zero tolerance for Muslim conspiracy theories blaming ISIS on non-Muslims

What if IS celebrated Halloween? What will Al-Baghdadi dress like?

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  • Viladmir Kichkov I hope they don’t.
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  • ZS Muzhgan He is already In Costume, but if he would come out of Costume, He would show his real 4 faces as following:
    Day one as: The English Master Planner
    Day two as : The Jewish Zionist Fund Master Rabbi

    Day three as : The US Politician Master for-Runner/Executioner
    Day four as: The Master of Brainwash>The Media
  • Omar Haidari They have already the dreadful dress ever!
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  • Musa Aziz Omar, they have dreadful faces, the dress is fine. They just need to get naked and scare the hell out of everybody.
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  • Ebtihaj Obaidi He has been celebrating it in real life for the past few months
  • ABel AShes ZS, that kind of clueless bullshit gets people killed by creating inaccurate rumors and conspiracy theories that provide cover for jihadist movements. The “Caliph” has been a part of the jihad against US and Iraqi forces long before he declared himself Caliph. ISIS used to be Al Qaeda in Iraq, the primary group that killed US troops, Iraqi troops, and Iraqi civilians in post-Saddam Iraq. 9 of the top commanders in IS are former Saddam era military officers. Al-Baghdadi is an Islamic scholar and was a well known Islamic preacher before becoming a jihadist.
  • Ghourzang Atal They dnt need to pretend scaring people. They are in reality blood sucking vampires and fully in motion against humanity and humanistic values. they are already in the most scary costume the humanity ever confronted; the filthy costume of religion and the terrifying and creepy masks of the deadly gods on human faces.
  • ZS Muzhgan ABel AShes,
    1. With due Respect, if you feel the need to call me out, then i request you stay within the Frame of Manners with your words if you want a response, otherwise i will just ignore you, your bad manners and your enabling Ideology.
  • ABel AShes Good. I would prefer that peddlers of lies such as yourself keep their mouths shut.
  • ZS Muzhgan Cyber bully on Obama Paycheck!
  • ABel AShes Most of what Islamic State is doing can be justified using a literalist interpretation of the Koran. For example, neither the Hadith nor the example of the Salaf nor any modern post-Qutb jihadist ijtihad is necessary to justify taking Yazidi women as sex slaves. There are several passages in the Koran that clearly justified this type of action during the time of Mohammed. Islamic State are real Muslims.
  • ZS Muzhgan Hypocrisy in its highest Form:

    I will take her right of speaking her mind, by telling her to shut up…because she asked for manners, yet continue talking about the abuses against her by others.

    I will bully girls online, because they simply will not match my bad manners.

    I will terrorize others online, and think its ok, since my small mind attaches the word Terrorism only to the word Islam, i will be completely ignorant to my own terrorizing of others and keep talking.

    My reaction, treatment and interactions with and towards women on line is not a direct reflection of my disrespect towards them and the treatment of them within my own world.

  • ABel AShes I thought you were a man. A promoter of cynical lies and propaganda is a promoter of cynical lies and propaganda regardless of genitalia. But you already know that.
  • ZS Muzhgan Sorry to burst your bubble, I could not be more girl even if i tired.
    I am a Girl! surprise!
    Assumptions are a signs of Fear and Ignorance.
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  • ABel AShes I didn’t assume…I simply don’t care…you deserve the same treatment whether a man or a woman….your gender is irrelevant to the topic…you have no defense for your bullshit so you change the subject to “I’m a girl”…and your point is?
  • ZS Muzhgan you are contradicting yourself, you just said: “I thought you are a man”
    Which was your assumption,
    Anyway, its ok, at some point Men will also ask you for manners as well, it does not mean you cant voice your Opinion, it just means you have the Intel
    lect, Wisdom, Patience and Tolerance to debate without insulting others, A Debate won with fact and intellect is a true victory, a debate won with just bad manners and the shutting up of others is not a win nor is it educational or productive.
    Indeed a world full of bad mannered Activists, politicians and bullies would be a very scary place filled with hate and more wars.
    You should practice what you preach.
  • ZS Muzhgan you are the last person who needs to give advise, your behavior here speaks for itself. your links, words and arguments lost creditability as they are a direct reflection of your overall character and therefore your cause.
  • Siddiq Wali Shiite Muslim celebrate Halloween which lasts 10 days. And for fundamental Sunnis and Shiite round the clock everyday.
  • ZS Muzhgan ABel AShes, why do you hate Women so much??
  • ABel AShes ZS, I love women. The Koran hates women. You are incapable of being honest apparently.
  • ABel AShes Manners? How about not lying and spreading false conspiracy theories. Fuck you. People like you are getting women killed and raped enslaved by confusing people about what is going on with jihadism. If you want manners than try not lying about life and death issues. You deserve zero respect.
  • ZS Muzhgan Your words and behavior proof the opposite
    Men are not the ones who can claim that they love Women, its ONLY GENTLEMAN who can honestly claim this Statement
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  • ZS Muzhgan you should take care of this hate, i am concerned about the women who seem to be very unsafe in your real world.
  • ABel AShes “Holy” Koran 33;50 “Prophet, we have made lawful for you the wives to whom you have granted dowries and the slave-girls whom God has given you as booty; the daughters of your paternal and maternal uncles and of your paternal and maternal aunts who fled with you; and any believing woman who gives herself to the Prophet and whom the Prophet wishes to take in marriage. This privilege is yours alone, being granted to no other believer.”
  • ABel AShes Koran 4:3 “If you fear that you cannot treat orphans with fairness, then you may marry other women who seem good to you: two, three, or four of them. But if you fear that you cannot maintain equality among them, marry one only or any slave-girls you may own. This will make it easier for you to avoid injustice.”
  • ABel AShes According to Surat Al-Mu’minūn, Quran 23:1 to 23:11 Muslim men should only lust after their wives and their slaves. How moral is that? Wow I am such a sinner compared to such “piety”.
    It takes some very complex and dishonest mental gymnastics to try to
    See More
  • ZS Muzhgan it may be interesting to you to know: that no matter what Religion, we girls would rather marry ten bearded Mullah’s then end up with someone like you
  • ABel AShes Point #1: Women being held as sex slaves is true Islam per the Koran (it’s also true Judaism per the Torah).

    33:50See More

  • ABel AShes Why do you hate yourself and other women?
  • ZS Muzhgan yes we would rather be enslaved too, instead of ending up with someone like you ..sorry
  • ABel AShes You do know that you insane brainwashed bullshit is going on my blog right?
  • ZS Muzhgan i hope it does
  • ZS Muzhgan because this will be a good lesson to all men no matter what religion to be Gentlemen, and not throw their weight around only because they think they are men and have the right, using bad manners and taking the right of others..specially WOMEN!
  • ABel AShes Go fuck yourself.
  • ZS Muzhgan a real respecter and lover of women,
  • ABel AShes You deserve zero respect.
  • ABel AShes You do not represent all women and most of the women I know would have even less respect for you than I do.
  • ZS Muzhgan i never got respect from you right from the start when you attacked me, trust me your colors were very visible right from the start.
  • ZS Muzhgan you start with yourself, dont worry about others and their respect for Women, you lack and its very clear.
  • ABel AShes This is 100% bullshit: He is already In Costume, but if he would come out of Costume, He would show his real 4 faces as following:
    Day one as: The English Master Planner
    Day two as : The Jewish Zionist Fund Master Rabbi

    Day three as : The US Politician Master for-Runner/Executioner
    Day four as: The Master of Brainwash>The Media
  • ABel AShes No get it right asshole. I have zero respect for liars and rumormongers and those who obfuscate the facts in order to cast blame away from the religious dogma that is the sole inspiration and motivating factor for ISIS.
  • ZS Muzhgan and where is the personal insult directed at you in this comment????
    that you felt the need to insult me directly with name calling and attack??
  • ABel AShes You have forfeited you r right to ever think you are any representation of women as whole by making the sick and evil claim that women would rather be sex slaves than to “be with” someone who is rude to liars and propagandists.
  • ZS Muzhgan again, its not about your point, but rather about your cyber bullying, telling others to shut up, using foul language, bad manners and hate and general disrespect in social interactions.
    AND you have foreited your Right to speak at all, because you dont have the Intellect, wisdom, tolerance and manner to debate.
  • ABel AShes Yes, I do feel the need to insult anyone promoting that kind of dangerous dishonest propaganda and I will every single time I see it or hear it and your gender has nothing to do with it and you know it. Again, you are a liar and an asshole. You owe me and everyone else who actually does their homework on these issues and apology for promoting such lies and disinformation…lies that do get innocent people killed.
  • ABel AShes Next time don’t promote lies. You deserve zero respect when you do that. You are the enemy when you do that. I owe you nothing. I owe the victims of theocratic and terrorists and tyrants everything. I owe people that promoted easily debunked bullshit nothing. Those kind of lies only serve to confuse the public into not supporting action against the Islamic State and therefore get people killed, get women raped, get millions enslaved under IS’s “sharia”. Instead of worrying about me respecting you, you should be concerned with yourself respecting facts and getting them straight. You should be more concerned with not peddling lies that only harm the victims of IS.
    • ZS Muzhgan the only people i have to apologize to are those who have to watch this and read your words, i know it must a norm in your world, but others actually do have manners and are not used to hearing nor using foul language, so sorry everyone who have to put up with this women and people hating Abel Ashes who is a hypocrite and hate monger, who is sitting in Mexico eating a burrito while promoting hate against other Cultures and Religions generalizing everyone with his online found information, completely ignorant ,indifferent and intolerant to others opinions with no patience and no manners. I had to do this not because of his Opinion, but rather because of his behavior, but i simply can not allow to be insulted and bullied.
      Seek help soon, for that women hate problem, wishing you a fast recovery.
    • ABel AShes New mexico…not very good with geography I suppose…or reading.
    • ZS Muzhgan i make up with manners and intellect, i would call it a upper hand in this case.
    • ABel AShes …but blaming the actions of extremist Muslims of England, Israel and the USA rather than on extremist Muslims that’s not about cultural bigotry right? By the way al-Baghdadi is far more anti-UK, anti-Israel, and anti-USA than you will ever be.
    • ZS Muzhgan talk to the wall cause your actual point was blocked out the moment you attacked and insulted me. I really dont want to know now, cause you and your behavior are a direct reflection of your ideology.
    • ABel AShes Again, I bother to research the facts and have to waste my time playing wack-a-mole with propaganda that is literally helping the Islamic State to win by preventing Turkey from intervening, by preventing Obama from doing more, by preventing the public from understanding the real threat and it’s actual cause which is the literalist interpretation of Islam and the desire to go back to the times of the Salaf. If I am ever polite to someone promoting the lies that ISIS is supposedly a non-Muslim conspiracy against Muslims, I will never forgive myself as there will be blood on my hands. Not tolerating that bullshit is the least I can do for the victims of this religious fanaticism.
    • ABel AShes
      • ZS Muzhgan You should work on manners before you research or speak up for anything.
      • ABel AShes Manners are for little old English ladies drinking tea….you know the Zionist ones ISIS works for. These are life and death issues. Don’t you think promoting lies and conspiracy theories and propaganda is bad manners? Lying is the worst form of insult. It is an insult to another person’s intelligence.
        ABel AShes I’m done talking with you. When you care as much about fighting Islamic extremism as you do about defending Islam at every turn even if it means promoting lies and propaganda then I will owe you respect, until then I owe you nothing but hatred and contempt. I have been far too polite with you in my estimation.

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