Russell Brand’s uninformed “open-mindedness” about 9/11

Dear Russell Brand,
As someone who spent years studying what happened on 9/11 in depth I can say with some certainty that there are not very many truly “unanswered questions” about 9/11. Instead there are far too many uninformed opinions about 9/11.
The authentic 9/11 narrative begins with three Al Qaeda associates (two engineers and a pilot) Ramzi Yousef, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Abdul Hakim Murad in Manila, Philippines in 1994 plotting to crash a hijacked plane into the CIA Headquarters and other US targets. After the arrests of Abdul Hakim Murad and Ramzi Yousef in 1995 KSM took this plot to Bin Laden who narrowed the 12 chosen targets down to 4 and put Ramzi bin al-Shibh in charge of selecting the right martyrs for the operation. This is where the story should begin if you really want to understand what happened on 9/11, how it could have been prevented, how to prevent such things in the future, who is guilty, and why they did it.


Abel Ashes

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