Why I blame the religion first and the followers of the religion second

The number of converts to any given religion is minimal compared to the number of people born and raised in any given faith. This is why I object when people say that I should blame the followers and not the religion. Most followers of major religions did not choose their religion but inherited it and in my experience most of them have not closely studied their own religion.

While there are a great number of Muslims and Christians who do distort their religion, it is far more common that the religion distorts them. When I criticize a particular religion I mean to criticize the holy books and prophets and legitimate teachings of said religion, not the followers who may have their own interpretation which may be either better or worse than the original. MLK and the KKK both drastically reinterpreted Christianity to suit their racial and political agendas, MLK improved the Christianity of the Bible and the KKK made it worse.

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